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Niko and the Sword of Light - Cast

as Mandok
as Nar Est
as Narrator
as Rasper
as Belatha
as Sargous
as Dark Champion
as The Darkness
as Meercoon Leader
as Chimpalope
as King Scampi
as Castle Guard
as Wispy
as Monster Xerxes
as Merchant 1
as Shrimp Trooper
as Captain Nimbeard
as Secretary Offishiss
as Cutie-Pootie
as Cash Vendor
as Arachtaur
as Mugwhump
as Fergus
as Scarpe
as Mingus
as Merchant 2
as Pufferhuffer 1
as Shrimp Trooper
as Shrimp Trooper
as Mantagore
as Shrimp Trooper
as Dolphin Queen
as Shrimp Trooper
as Lantern Fish
as Pufferhuffer 2
as Rusty
as Prickletwister
as Fred
as Voracious Oasis
as Jackal
as Honeywillows
as Sporewing
as Poofhilda
as Bosun Billows
as Grackleflint
as Umlauti
as Rabbitora
as Tea Moderator
as Wolvie
as Sigurden
as Exuber-Ant
as Diggantus
as Exuber-Ant
as Chimpalope General
as Chimpalope
as Hornblower
as Solfeggio
as Commander
as Little Girl
as Umlauti
as Street Sweeper
as Guard
as Breadtroll
as Windcrag
as Townie #2
as Soldier
as Captain Nekton
as The Prince of Whale
as Melange
as Brohan
as Brohilda
as Olivier Falstaff Scenechuer
as Broseph
as Spokesbeetle
as Mrs. Funkfang
as Manfred the Monkfish
as Larry the Lantern Fish
as Huffer Puffer
as Baby Funkfang
as Sea Creature
as Mr. Funkfang
as Townie
as Well-Wishing Well
as Giant Headwood Tree
as Otto the Automatron
as Rust Bunny
as Ice Cave
as Mother Rust Bunny