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Ninjago: Dragons Rising Cast

as Arin
as Lloyd
as Rapton
as Wyldfyre
as Dr Larow
as Mr Fronicky
as Beatrix
as Percival
as Jordana
as Master Wu
as ITPF Teen 2
as Guard 1
as ITPF Teen 1
as Guard #2
as Claw 1
as Claw 1
as Mr Koenig
as Caregiver
as Source Dragon
as Lava-Tide Leader
as Lava-Tide 1
as Aarakore
as Zant-Tanz
as Agent Denholt
as Sora's Dad
as Arin's Mom
as Security Bot
as Matriarch
as Grab-Barq
as Kid #1
as King Crag-Nor
as Euthrasia
as Suetonius
as Scroll-Worm
as Monk #1
as Student #1
as Security Guard
as Student #4
as Judge
as Narrator
as Ghostly Orb
as Toddler
as Child
as Uneasy Guard
as Elderly Man 1
as The Temple Spirit
as Elderly Woman 1
as Elderly Woman 2
as Elderly Man 2
as Villager 3
as Leader
as Female Villager 1
as Gang Member 1
as Green Bone Leader
as Tope-Epot
as Chancellor Gulch
as Green Bone 2
as Lava-Tide 3
as Green Bone 1
as Zane-Alike 1
as Howler 2
as Howler 1
as Agent Karit
as Lava-Tide 2
as Fritz
as Agent Allen
as Reassignment Agent
as Admin Worker 2
as Applicant
as Agent Underwood
as Admin Worker 1
as Gate Guard 1
as Guard 3
as Emperor Levo
as Citizen 1
as Citizen 4
as Citizen 5
as Citizen 2
as Guard Melvin
as Citizen 3
as Cinder
as Ninja-Fan Infinity
as Spinjitzu-For-Days99
as Intelligent George