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NOVA Season 15 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Top Gun and Beyond
2How to Create a Junk Food
3Buried in Ice
4Why Planes Burn
5Battles in the War on Cancer: A Wonder Drug on Trial
6Battles in the War on Cancer: Breast Cancer - Turning the Tide
7Mystery of the Master Builders
8Whale Rescue
9The Man Who Loved Numbers
10Race for the Superconductor
11Can You Still Get Polio?
12Pioneers of Surgery: The Brutal Craft
13Pioneers of Surgery: Into the Heart
14Pioneers of Surgery: New Organs for Old
15Pioneers of Surgery: Beyond the Knife
16Can the Vatican Save the Sistine Chapel?
17Can the Next President Win the Space Race?
18Do Scientists Cheat?
19Who Shot President Kennedy?
20The Light Stuff
21The All-American Bear
22Can We Make a Better Doctor?