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Oggy and the Cockroaches Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Bitter Chocolate
2French Fries
3Mission Oggy
4It's All Under Control
5It's Been a Hard Day's Noise
6The Patient
7Shake, Oggy Shake
8The Rise and the Fall
9It's a Small World
10Happy Birthday
13Wrong Side of the Bed
14Go Slow with Your Dough
15Tooth Good To Be True
16One Track Life
18Nine Months and Counting
19A Tip for the Road
20The Outsider
21Baby Doll
22So Lonely
23Oggy and the Giants Roaches
24Oggy and the Babies
25A Dog Day Afternoon
26Fishing Frolic
27Rock'n'roll Altitude
28Oggy's Night Out
29Oggy's Diet
30It's a Long Way Down
31The Time Machine
32The Lottery Ticket
35House for Rent
36The Bait Bites Back
37The Hiccup
38Deep End
39Space Roaches
40Granny's Day
41The Dictator
42Memory Lane
43Toys'R Oggy
44Cat Kit
45The Carnival's in Town
46Oggy Goes Snailing
48Oggy vs. Super Roach
49Beware of Destruction
51Duck Soup
52Oggy and the Magic Flute
53A Bird of Ill Omen
54The Ghost Hunter
55Winner Takes All
56Bug Ball
57Happy Campers
58The Piggy Bank
59A Truce for Christmas
60Oggy's Clone
61TV Obsession
62Race to the Finish
63Monster from the Mud Lagoon
64The Garden of Horrors
65Caught in a Trap
66Blue Sunday
67Cloning Around
683 Wishes and You're out
69Virtual Voyage
70The Abominable Snow Moth
71The Neighbor's Cat
72A Night at the Opera
75Loony Balloons
76Emergency Room
77Oggy and the Magic Broom
78Oggy van Winkle