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Oggy and the Cockroaches Season 5 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Great Pyramid Mystery
2Oggy and the Grasshopper Cloud
3Oggy on the Nile
4Gladiator Oggy
5Shift that Chariot Oggy!
6Oggy's Special Spa
8Sheriff Oggy
10The Green Thumb
11Oggy the King's Coachman
12The Levee of the King
13Marky's Tournament
14The Roaches Seize the Castle
15The Hunchback from the Cathedral
16A Gorilla in Town
17Oggy and the Tramp
18Dee Dee Capone
19Oggy and the Treasure
20The Octopus Masters
21The Precious Panda
22Fragile Goods!
23Baby Sitting for the Emperor
24The Tiger Hunt
25Oggy The Fakir
26Cockroaches Play Cricket
27Oggy's Dragon
28Beware the Long ship
29Oggy, the Lord of Lightning
30Oggy's 1001 Nights
31A Touch of Genius
32Moonshot Movie
33Lead Wings
34Oggy's Invention
35In the Glare of the Sun
36Gold Fever
37Sacrificial Special
38Rock Bottom
39Mission Apolloggy
40The Race to the North Pole
41Jackoromeo and Bobette
43Marky Da Vinci
44Emperor for a Day
45My Kingdom for a Teddy
46Oggy and the Hieroglyphs
47On the High-Yurt-Way
48Xanadu Milk
49The Yak Festival
50Housework in Orbit
51The Cockroaches' Awakening
52The Intruder from Space
53The First Samurai
55Oggy, Manga Star
56Color Conflict
57Wheeling and Dealing
58The Big Move
59The Incredible Four
61Z Men to the Rescue
63Oggy's 12 Labours
64Oggy and the Minotaur
65The Pig Curse
66Oggy and the Short-Sighted Cyclops
67Oggy and the Misty Mermaids
68Bananas of Wrath
69The Jungle Child
70The Statues' Awakening
71Below My Tree
72Head in the Clouds
73Super Temor
74Oggy and the Legend of Excalibur
75Oggy and the Search for the Grail
76Oggy Merlin and the Morgan Fairy