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Oggy and the Cockroaches Season 6 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Crackdown on the Fridge
2Laughter Forbidden
3Cockroach vs. Mouse
4Strong Coffee
5Jack's Kit
6Cute Little Puppy
7The Great Invasion
8Tooth Exchange
9Oggy's Costume
10Mamma Oggy
11Oggy and the Kittens
12The Winning Ticket
13Super Dee Dee
14Alone at Last
15Snack Time
16Doll Idol
17Ups and Downs
18Bless You Oggy!
19The Loot
20Roach Charmer
21A Crazy Carpet
22Wake-Up Oggy!
23Wild Flight
24Bouncing Ball
25Cockroach Oggy
26An Intrusive Neighbor
27Serenade for a Monster
28A Shockproof Denture
29A Rebel Bait
30A Wild Train Ride
31Bad Luck Day
32Oggy Cat Trainer
33The Tenants
34Chocolate Wars
35Nature's Call
36Flying Lesson
37Crazy Driving!
38Puzzle Mania
39Special Deliveries
40Under the Sun
42A Voracious Pet
43TV Addict
44Sweet Teddy-Bear
45Oggy Robot
46Christmas Spirit
47A Crazy Weekend
48The Challenge
49Soccer Fever
50Lost at Sea
51Deep into the Wild
52Wacky Garden Party
53Bath Time!
54Bowling Champions
55Oggy's Sister
56A Fit Body for Oggy
57Oggy's Brand New Face
58Thunder Oggy
59Destruction Work in Progress
60A Greedy Friend
61What's on the Menu
62Good Night, Don't Sleep Tight
63Beach Havoc
64Itsy-Bitsy Oggy
65Magic Laundry Bag
66Bodyguard Oggy
67Playing Dough
68Remote Controlled
69Locked Out
70Brain Control
71An Unwanted Customer
72Green Trouble
73Cyber Oggy
74Whistle Power
75The Delights of Camping
76Bad Sport
78Hiccup Treatment