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Oggy and the Cockroaches Season 7 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Library Hysteria
2Well Guarded Gold
3The Black Gold Rush
4Oggy the Babysitter
5Ghost Hunting
6The Whiz-Kid
7Drone Out of Control!
8Oggy's Exoskeleton
9The Sacred Roaches
11Wild Rides at the Fair
12Oggy's Jungle
13Xmas Tree Quest
14Panic In The Air
15Oggy's Beach Club
16Oggy and the Not So Smart Bracelet
17Zen Oggy
18Oggy Snail Farmer
19Extreme Indoor Sports
20Mouse Attack
21The Power Of Love
22Oggy's Teddy Bear
23Guess Who's in the Fridge?
24The Roaches' Move
25Freefall Jump
26Oggy at Top Speed
27Inside Oggy
28Roach Vision
29Welcome to Mars
30Roach Express
31Oggymon Go
32Broom Driving
33Oggy Learns to Swim or Not
34Lend Me a Hand Oggy!
35Oggy's Vacations
36Dumpster Driving
37Oggy at the Opera
38Oggy Copy Cat
39A Roachneck Cousin
40Sharing Oggy
41Oggy's Elevator
42A Very Special Treatment
43Oggy Cranes His Neck
44And the Winner is... Deedee!
45Oggy Goes to Paris
47High Security Fridge
48The Golf Pro
49At the Stroke of Midnight
50Alien Roaches
51The Laugh Box
52Hide And Go Whiskers!
53Where's the Exit?
54Brainy Roaches
55Nursing the Neighbor
56Space Journey
57Boxing Match
58Freezing Cold
59A Dreamy Cruise
60Hypnotic Oggy
61Life's a Zoo
62Fishing Frenzy
63Snake and Snacks
64The Big Bad Wolf
65Poor Sports
66The Giant Roaches
67The Food Dispenser
68Up, Up and Up!
69General Jack
70Back To School
71Fake News
72The Machine
73Whose Turn To Do the Dishes?
74Blah Blah Blah
75Alpine Antics
76Oggy's Got Talent!
77The Witch Hunt
78Run for Shelter