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Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, writers of "LOST" are working on a modern take on fairy tales with a female lead character living in Maine that has risen from interesting circumstances.

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Aired on:
45 min.
3.86/5 (198 ratings)
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Subtitles, Mistakes


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as Emma Swan
as Evil Queen / Regina / Roni
as Henry Mills
as Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold / Weaver
as Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard
as Prince Charming / David Nolan
as Killian Jones / Hook
as Zelena / Wicked Witch / Kelly


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Latest comments

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by posted
While Elizabeth Lail does a sometimes-great, often-passable, sometimes-weak job as Anna in this season's theme from the animated movie Frozen, I think it's a real shame that they didn't or couldn't cast Kristen Bell, who was Anna's voice in the movie. Kristen's still young-looking enough and I've had an unexplainable crush on her since her days in Veronica Mars and Deadwood. Does anyone know if she was approached or not?
by posted
Did not expect much this seoson but was plesantly suprised, still enjoing watching it.
by posted
Yes, i still find it entertaining.
by posted
Anyone still into this?
by posted
Did that just turn into frozen?
by posted
Never good when they go in circle. But it's... ok at the moment
by posted
So I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to regain interest in the series. I mean, yes, they are AGAIN in the fucking town with a year memory wipe, but at least the Peter Pan storyline is over.

And bravo on casting Rebecca Mader as Wicked, I utterly hate her, and now the character.
by posted
I think it is probably a bad sign when the conclusive nature of the last episode had me wondering if the show was axed...and feeling relieved at the thought.

Funnily enough, I was discussing with my brother the other day (mostly about how we both gave up on Wonderland quickly due to it being so terrible, but that led to talking about how we were both losing interest in this show too) and we concluded that it was only really Robert Carlyle that kept us watching (Evil Queen and Hook being reasonable too, but not enough alone). I suspect it may be time to give up and move on. The show has clearly run out of good ideas for the main plot and the flashbacks went from tolerable to annoying a long time ago.
by posted
I remember the beginning of this show... the time when Henry was a smart kid, and things that happened made sense.

Reality might not have to make sense, but fiction does!
by posted
I gave up towards the end of season two. The show rushed them learning they were fairy tale people to fast.