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Once Upon a Time - Cast

as Emma Swan
as Evil Queen / Regina / Roni
as Henry Mills
as Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold / Weaver
as Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard
as Prince Charming / David Nolan
as Killian Jones / Hook
as Zelena / Wicked Witch / Kelly
as Robin Hood
as Red Riding Hood / Ruby
as Jiminy Cricket / Dr. Archie Hopper
as Neal Cassidy / Baelfire
as Pinocchio / August W. Booth
as Adult Henry Mills
as Lucy Mills
as Killian Jones / Hook / Rogers
as Ella / Cinderella / Jacinda Vidrio
as Knave of Hearts / Will Scarlet
as Tiana / Sabine
as Lady Tremaine / Victoria Belfrey
as The Huntsman / Sheriff Graham Humbert