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Paranormal Caught on Camera Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Flying Cryptid Over Chicago and More
2Hawaiian UFOs and More
3A Haunted Gift and More
4Alaskan Sea Serpent and More
5Haunted by a Rock Legend and More
6Las Vegas UFOs and More
7Pennhurst Asylum and More
8An Ogopogo Sighting and More
9Haunted Dam and More
10Seance Possession and More
11Stonehenge UFOs and More
12New York UFO and More
13Ghost Kitty and More
14Haunted Teddy Bear and More
15Teen Vampire and More
16A Wave From the Grave and More
17High School Shadow Figure and More
18Supermarket Ghost and More
19A Jellyfish in the Sky and More
20OMG Caught On Camera
21Banff Bigfoot and More
22Cajun Skunk Ape and More
23Arizona Dorm Room Ghost and More
24Brazilian Werewolf and More
25Mermaid in Nashville and More
26Canadian Lake Monster and More
SpecialTop 100: 100-81
SpecialTop 100: 80-61
SpecialTop 100: 60-41
SpecialTop 100: 40-21
SpecialTop 100: 20-1
SpecialTop 40 Countdown