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Paranormal Caught on Camera Season 5 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Black-Eyed Child Apparition in Reno and More
2Philadelphia UFOs and More
3GoPro Captures Bigfoot in Ontario and More
4Haunted Texas Hotel and More
5Alabama Glitch in the Matrix and More
6Mysterious Mountainside Lights in North Carolina and More
7Haunted Connecticut Thrift Store and More
8Shadow Figure in a New Jersey Backyard and More
9Virginia Civil War Ghost and More
10Will-o-Wisps at an Arizona Campground and More
11Gnome Visits a Phoenix Garden and More
12The Great Gatsby Ghost and More
13The Haunted Hill House in Texas and More
14Light Beings Hover Over Colorado and More
15Haunted Tennessee Crypt and More
16Grim Reaper in Massachusetts and More
17Utah Sasquatch and More
18Santa Fe UFO and More
19Ghostly Figure Haunts an Indiana Museum and More
20Colorado Gugwe and More
21Shadow Figure Haunts Man in Colorado and More
22Haunted Florida Bed and Breakfast and More
23Couple Spots UFO Over Military Base in California and More
24Virginia UFO and More
25The Unexplained Crossett Lights In Arkansas and More
26Tennessee Sasquatch and More