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Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong

United Kingdom

Age: 54

Born: 02 Apr, 1970

Known for

TV Series Starring Alexander Armstrong

Buckingham Palace with Alexander ArmstrongBuckingham Palace with Alexander Armstrong
Channel 5, 2023 Running | Documentary

Greed. Madness. Love. Tragedy... Over the centuries, Buckingham Palace has witnessed it all. Now, Alexander Armstrong reveals the surprising stories hidden behind the walls of Britain's most iconic royal residence. With the help of JJ Chalmers and Raksha Dave, we uncover the scandals of the exclusive balls thrown by its first royal owners, King George III and Queen Charlotte - and reveal how a party-loving prince almost caused the palace to be razed to the ground. We discover the dirty secrets of Queen Victoria's rat-infested living quarters - and hear how heartbreak drove her to abandon the palace. We take cover from the Nazi bombs and relive the moment the palace came within 60 seconds of total destruction and we'll discover exactly how the original royal residents went to the loo. Throughout, an ever-changing CGI floorplan shows how the iconic building has been transformed across the centuries as a long line of monarchs have each made their mark.

Alexander Armstrong in Sri LankaAlexander Armstrong in Sri Lanka
Channel 5, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Adventure, Travel, Documentary | ► Trailer

The presenter heads for the paradise isle of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, discovering its golden sands and historic culture, from the gorgeous Sinhalese areas in the central and southern regions to the less-travelled Tamil north.

History: The Interesting BitsHistory: The Interesting Bits
Nat Geo, 2022 On Hiatus | History, Documentary

History is a fascinating peek into how we ended up here, but much of it, frankly, isn't very interesting. We take a fresh new look at history's most intriguing facts - with the boring bits taken out.

Alexander Armstrong in South KoreaAlexander Armstrong in South Korea
Channel 5, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, Documentary

Alexander embarks on an epic journey across one of the most influential and successful countries on Earth, exploring all South Korea has to offer and just how different our lives are.

Iceland with Alexander ArmstrongIceland with Alexander Armstrong
Channel 5, 2021 On Hiatus | Travel, Documentary

The television presenter and comic embarks on an 8,000-mile journey halfway around the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter, a remarkable, but unforgiving, time of year in the ice-bound region. He observes natural wonders and discovers the magnetic lure of the far north, swims with locals and much more.

Heavenly Gardens with Alexander ArmstrongHeavenly Gardens with Alexander Armstrong
BBC One, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary, Housing/Building
Rating: 3/5

Join Alexander Armstrong and Arit Anderson on a spiritual journey through six breathtaking gardens in Britain, each with a unique connection to faith and religion. Experience the beauty and tranquility of Heavenly Gardens as we explore the history, symbolism, and meaning behind these sacred spaces. A must-watch for garden enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike.

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking DadBradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad
ITV, 2019 Running | Comedy, Reality, Documentary

Actor Bradley Walsh and his 20-year-old son Barney are hitting the road together for a brand-new four-part series, travelling over 2000 miles from Los Angeles to New Orleans.

The Imitation GameThe Imitation Game
ITV, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Game Show
Rating: 3/5

Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson are joined by fellow impressionists Luke Kempner and Jess Robinson to perform a series of comedy challenges under the instruction of host and games-master Alexander Armstrong.

The Real Full MontyThe Real Full Monty
ITV, 2017 Running | Reality
Rating: 1/5

The Real Full Monty is a full frontal extravaganza broadcast live from Sheffield, the home of the original Full Monty strip. Ashley Banjo and Alexander Armstrong put together an even bigger and bolder show in their balls out commitment to raising awareness of men's cancers. A cast of male celebrities will share their personal stories and learn how to shed their iconic security guard uniforms to stir up a storm on stage in Sheffield and inspire even more men to make vital checks that could save lives.

Italy's Invisible CitiesItaly's Invisible Cities
BBC One, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Using the latest 3D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott uncover the hidden history of Italian civilization and city life.

Teach My Pet to Do ThatTeach My Pet to Do That
ITV, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Teach My Pet to Do That celebrates the hidden intellectual potential of our nations pets. We are a nation of animal lovers with over half of us owning some sort of pet. Watching funny and entertaining pet's on line is a bit of a national obsession but rarely do we think our own pets are capable of such feats of brilliance. Teach My Pet to Do That will wipe away that misconception and, using only positive reinforcement training, will prove that any pet has the potential to be an internet superstar. The Teach My Pet, Pet School is a place where domesticated pets of all shapes, sizes and species enroll to be taught tricks that enrich the lives of animal and owner.

Don't Ask Me Ask BritainDon't Ask Me Ask Britain
ITV, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Game Show

This is a live, interactive game show which asks viewers to vote along on opinion-based topics, whilst a celebrity panel go head to head to try and second-guess what the audience at home will answer.

Unbelievable Moments, Caught on CameraUnbelievable Moments, Caught on Camera
ITV, 2016 Running | Reality, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Alistair Stewart presents incredible clips of eyewitness footage shot by members of the public.

Danger Mouse (2015)Danger Mouse (2015)
CBBC, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

Danger Mouse is a reboot of the popular kids show following a detective Mouse.

Alexander Armstrong in the Land of the Midnight SunAlexander Armstrong in the Land of the Midnight Sun
ITV, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

The television presenter and comedian takes on an epic 8,000-mile journey halfway around the Arctic Circle deep in mid-winter, a spectacular but deadly time of year to see the unforgiving, ice-bound region. His odyssey is full of surprises as he witnesses natural wonders and discovers the magnetic lure of the far north.

Horrible ScienceHorrible Science
CITV, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Children, Documentary

Delight in the messy, gory and gross as a host of lovable characters try to put on show to celebrate the joy of science as well as poke fun at it, subvert it and deconstruct it.

Hey DuggeeHey Duggee
CBeebies, 2014 Running | Family, Children, Animation
Rating: 5/5

Hey Duggee is based around 'The Squirrel Club'-run by a big friendly dog called Duggee-a place where kids take part in all kinds of activities, have adventures and earn activity badges all along the way. Duggee teaches the kids about being responsible, working as a team, taking acceptable risks and most importantly...having fun!

Best of the WorstBest of the Worst
YouTube, 2013 Running | Comedy, Game Show
Rating: 3/5

Join Mike, Jay, Jessi, Josh, Rich and Jack on their quest to find the best of the worst movies out there. In each episode, they watch three terrible films and hilariously dissect them. From cheesy B-movies to cringe-worthy blockbusters, this group of friends will make you laugh with their witty commentary and sarcastic remarks. Get ready for a wild ride through the worst of cinema.

Pointless CelebritiesPointless Celebrities
BBC One, 2011 Running | Family, Celebrities, Lifestyle, Game Show
Rating: 4/5

A BBC quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong where celebrities go head-to-head in a general knowledge quiz where contestants try to think of answers that the public might not have. One hundred members of the public are surveyed and give as many answers as they please, and the object is to guess the most obscure ones, not the most popular. Whoever scores the lowest wins in this hilarious celebrity quiz.

Alexander Armstrong's Big AskAlexander Armstrong's Big Ask
Dave, 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Children, Game Show
Rating: 1/5

Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask is a quiz show with a twist. Three hilarious comedians are tasked not only with answering questions but also coming up with them. Hosted by the charming Alexander Armstrong, this show is a test of wit, knowledge, and creativity. A must-watch for anyone who loves a good laugh and a challenge.

BBC One, 2009 Running | Game Show, Family
Rating: 5/5

This is a game show hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Players have to try to score as little points as possible by using the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers nobody else would think of using.

Reggie PerrinReggie Perrin
BBC One, 2009 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama

Reggie works as the head of disposable razors at a male-grooming firm and, as in the original, he's repeatedly late because of bizarre rail problems. Unhappy with the world, Reggie plods through life complaining about how things should be.

The Armstrong and Miller ShowThe Armstrong and Miller Show
BBC One, 2007 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

The Armstrong and Miller Show is a hilarious sketch comedy featuring a range of characters. Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller bring a wealth of humor to the screen. From po-faced respectability to outrageous antics, this show will have you laughing from start to finish. Don't miss out on this must-see series!

Stressed EricStressed Eric
BBC Three, 1998 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Adult Cartoons, Animation
Rating: 3/5

Eric Feeble is a middle-class divorced father of two who resides in London, England. An average man, with a less than average life, Eric is endlessly at his wits end - stressed out with his family, coworkers, and his life in general. For starters, there's his children. His precocious daughter, Claire is allergic to everything, from peanuts to dolls and everything in between. Eric's toadish son, Brian, sticks everything into his mouth that he can get his hands on. The family's live-in au pair, Maria, is a drunken nymphomaniac with a bad habit of disappearing for days at a time. Eric's ex-wife, Liz, is a whiny psycho who's involved in every kind of "rights" act imaginable, from "animal rights" to "tree rights" to Buddhism. Just to make his oddball family dynamics look worse, the next door neighbours are the aptly named Perfects, who are wealthy and snobbish.

Armstrong and MillerArmstrong and Miller
BBC One, 1997 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Sketch/Improv

Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller are reunited in this contemporary sketch-show series. The show includes a variety of characters and situations - most notably teen-talk speaking Second World War pilots.

Brit AwardsBrit Awards
ITV, 1977 Running | Music, Award Show
Rating: 1/5

An awards ceremony saluting the music industry. Awards are presented in many different categories.