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Amanda Barrie

Known for
as Bev Tull

in Bad Girls
as Amanda Barrie

in The Real Marigold Hotel
as Narrator

in Steam Train Britain
as Amanda Barrie

in Hard To Please OAPs
TV Series Starring Amanda Barrie
Steam Train Britain

The Age of Steam was born in Britain, it was one of the greatest technological breakthroughs the world had ever seen. It changed everything from the food we could eat to the jobs we could do and it powered Britain's rise to the summit of imperial power. It lasted 130 years and then was gone. Lines were axed and steam was replaced by diesel and electric trains. Yet out of the ashes the steam lines rose again as enthusiasts re-opened old lines and fired up long silent steam engines. Today the heritage lines are thriving bringing the age of steam back to life and with it bringing joy to 8 million passengers every year.

Hard To Please OAPs


| Reality

Smart speakers, electric cars, remote control golf trolleys, home saunas, high tech tents, dog cameras and pooper scooper vacuums - the future is upon us but not everyone is happy about it: meet The Hard to Please OAPs - a group of no-nonsense grumpy old celebrities, some of whom like things done the old fashioned way. In this irreverent, fun-filled series they are bringing a good dose of common sense to state of the art products and services by getting off the sofa and trying them out for themselves. It's also an opportunity to let off steam about modern life and whether things were really better in the old days, before we became enslaved to wifi, automated ticket machines, sat-navs and food delivery apps!

The Real Marigold Hotel
BBC Two,


| Reality
Rating: 4.5/5

Miriam Margolyes, Wayne Sleep, Sylvester McCoy, Roy Walker, Rosemary Shrager, Bobby George, Patti Boulaye and Jan Leeming head to India to see if they would have a more rewarding time retiring their, rather then the UK.

Bad Girls


| Drama
Rating: 3.5/5

Step inside HMP Larkhall and meet the women of G-Wing, who've committed various offenses that range from shoplifting to murder. Bad Girls shows what life is like for these women in the "inside world" and also shows the real-life problems and behavior of the officers who watch them!