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Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson

United Kingdom

Age: 79

Born: 26 Sep, 1944

Known for

In Watchdog as Presenteras Presenter

in Watchdog
In The Weakest Link (UK) as Hostas Host

in The Weakest Link (UK)
In Countdown as Hostas Host

in Countdown
In Points of View as Presenteras Presenter

in Points of View

TV Series Starring Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson's BritainAnne Robinson's Britain
BBC One, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Anne Robinson presents a four-part series delving into different areas of contemporary British life.

Britain's Spending SecretsBritain's Spending Secrets

Anne Robinson travels around the country to get up close and personal with people from across the wealth spectrum and she puts their spending habits under the microscope.

Points of ViewPoints of View
BBC One, 2013 Running | Comedy, Family, Action, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Jeremy Vine puts programme makers in the hot seat to respond to viewer complaints.

BBC One, 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Financial/Business, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Watchdog tackles viewers consumer issues and problems head on, whether it's taking it direct to a company or contacting someone who can solve the problem. Since 2009, BBC show Rogue Traders has been incorporated into a newly formatted hour long show.

The Weakest Link (UK)The Weakest Link (UK)
BBC Two, 2000 Cancelled/Ended | Game Show
Rating: 5/5

The Weakest Link started in the UK and other countries like the USA, New Zealand and Australia liked it so much they bought it's format. The Weakest Link and the frightening Anne Robinson is now famous worldwide! The concept is simple. Contestants compete to win a prize money which is gathered over 7 rounds. The players must answer a chain of correct answers and say BANK to save the current amount they are on. If they have a chain of nine correct answers or reach their target of 5,000 then that round is over. At the end of each round every player is asked to vote off who they believe is the weakest link. The person who is the weakest link is asked to leave the show and not continue the game. At the end when only two remain, each must answer 5 questions and whoever has the most questions wins the total money banked over the eight rounds. The series is shown everyday on the BBC with the ordinary public but many times throughout the year a special edition is shown. These include famous celebrities where they try and raise money for a charity of their choice. These are usually aired on a Saturday evening whereas the normal episodes are shown weekdays early evenings.

Channel 4, 1982 Running | Game Show

The show in which two contestants engage in a battle of wits, competing against the clock in games of lexical dexterity and numerical agility.