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Dave Willis

Dave Willis

United States

Age: 51

Born: 01 May, 1970

Known for

In Aqua Teen Hunger Force as Meatwad, Carl, Ignignokt, Boxy Brown, Various other voicesas Meatwad, Carl, Ignignokt, Boxy Brown, Various other voices

in Aqua Teen Hunger Force
In Frisky Dingo as Jack Taggartas Jack Taggart

in Frisky Dingo
In Squidbillies as Deputy Dennyas Deputy Denny

in Squidbillies
In Squidbillies as Glennas Glenn

in Squidbillies

TV Series Starring Dave Willis

Welcome to the WayneWelcome to the Wayne

The Wayne is a high-rise apartment building in New York City. Ansi, Olly and his sister Saraline are friends who call themselves Team Timber, dedicated to exploring the ever-growing mysteries of "Wayne Phenomena" in the building they call home. All manner of action, adventure and otherworldly awesomeness could be right down the hall - or twelve floors up! You never know what's in store behind a Wayne door.

Frisky DingoFrisky Dingo

Frisky Dingo is an eleven minute animated series airing on Adult Swim by Matt Thompson and Adam Reed, co-creators of the cult hit, Sealab 2021. Supervillain Killface is finding that in theory, destroying the world seems like a lot of fun, but in actual practice, it is a very dull and complicated process.

Adult Swim, 2005 | Comedy, Adult Cartoons, Animation
Rating: 5/5

Five million years ago, the Atlantic Ocean covered North America all the way to the Ohio Valley. As the ocean receded to form our present-day geography, a family of squids was stranded in a remote setting in the North Georgia mountains.

Aqua Teen Hunger ForceAqua Teen Hunger Force

When there is trouble, pick up the phone and order a milkshake, a meatball, with a side of fries. Yeah, call the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the most elite human-sized food crime solving team in the greater New Jersey area.