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Ebru Özkan

Ebru Özkan


Age: 45

Born: 18 Nov, 1978

Known for

In Şahmaran as Çavgesas Çavges

in Şahmaran
In Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam as Leyla Türkas Leyla Türk

in Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam
In Ben Gri as Hülya Akincias Hülya Akinci

in Ben Gri
In Hekimoglu as Gayeas Gaye

in Hekimoglu

TV Series Starring Ebru Özkan

Netflix, 2023 Running | Drama, Adventure, Fantasy | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Going to Adana as a lecturer, Şahsu is determined to confront her grandfather, who left her mother behind years ago. On this journey, she finds herself in the middle of an unusual and mysterious community called Mar, descended from Shahmaran. Believing in the legend of Shahmaran, one of the greatest symbols of love and wisdom, the Mar race awaits the completion of the historical prophecy with the arrival of Şahsu. Nothing will be the same again when Şahsu's path crosses with Maran's.

Ben Bu Cihana SığmazamBen Bu Cihana Sığmazam
ATV, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Family, Action
Rating: 5/5

The Algerian soldier, who has two different lives, will have to hide his past and marry Dr. Fairoza, who knows no boundaries.

Ben GriBen Gri
Disney+, 2022 On Hiatus | Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer

The life of Fuat Akıncı, a successful and respected lawyer, changes when his daughter experiences an unfortunate event. Seeking revenge, Fuat responds to mysterious messages sent to his phone that will eventually turn his life upside down and make him confront his past in the middle of darkness and light.

ATV, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime

After his wife's sudden death, the judge Ömer Arif Derman tries to build a brand new world to his son and himself. This new world shatters after his son, Ozan, gets involved in an accident to kill someone. Ömer Arif had to give up from every principle he believes in in order to protect his son. Thus, the deceased youngster is the son of a Mafia leader. In time, Ömer Arif Derman will turn into a completely different man with his son's life in danger. In addition, the war he enters to protect his son will result in not only sacrificing himself blindly, but sacrificing his loved ones as well. Adaptation of the Israeli series "Kvodo" from 2017.

Kanal D, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Rating: 5/5

Ates Hekimoglu is a successful doctor in his 40s. He is working as Infectious Diseases and Nephrology Specialist in the hospital where his friend Ipek is in charge. The most well-known characteristic of Ates Hekimoglu is that he conducts research by focusing on diseases without establishing one-to-one relationships with patients. Each new complex case is provocative and exciting, like a puzzle waiting for him to be solved. While Ates Hekimoglu increases his reputation day by day with his diagnoses and treatments, his inability to keep up with the hospital layout often leaves the hospital administrator Ipek in a difficult situation. Ipek is one of the two people who understands and can tolerate Hekimoglu's tough character. The other is Orhan, the Oncology Specialist of Hekimoglu's friend from high school and university. Hekimoglu examines the diseases as a detective and carries out these studies together with a team of 3 specialist doctors.

Falcon Crest (2018)Falcon Crest (2018)
ATV, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Romance

It is about the impossible love of the young people of the two families who have hostility among themselves.