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Emma Kenny

Emma Kenny

United Kingdom

Age: 51

Born: 23 Mar, 1973

Known for

TV Series Starring Emma Kenny

Bubble & Squeak Murder: The Killing of David JacksonBubble & Squeak Murder: The Killing of David Jackson

On the eve of Valentine's Day, 2021, a private birthday celebration in a sleepy coastal town ended in bloody murder. During the trial later that year, recordings of the call and video footage taken from police bodycams of the subsequent arrest were beamed around the world. Sixty-six-year-old Penny Jackson, a retired accountant, had murdered her ex-army officer husband, David Jackson, with a paring knife; coldly stabbing him on three separate occasions before calmly phoning the emergency services as he lay bleeding to death on their kitchen floor. In this series - with revealing interviews from David Jackson's sister, Jenny, and his estranged brother Alan - we reveal the dark and disturbing secrets which lay behind this seemingly inexplicable and brutal slaying.

Kids Who Kill: Evil Up CloseKids Who Kill: Evil Up Close

Kids Who Kill: Evil Up Close investigates the stories of some of the UK's most prominent child killers and their shocking murders. The five-part series features the cases of: Aaron Campbell, Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham, Stephen Hough, Mathew Hardman, and Alyssa Bustamante. This well-known and popular series takes an in depth look at some of the most disturbing criminals through the eyes of those who loved, trusted and knew them best.

What the Killer Did NextWhat the Killer Did Next

What the Killer Did Next, fronted by Philip Glenister, is a new crime format which begins with a murder. Each episode seeks to find the killer's motive and discover what kind of person could commit this crime: not by looking at what happened before the murder but by studying the killer's behaviour after the heinous event.

The Killer in My FamilyThe Killer in My Family
Really, 2019 Running | Crime, Documentary

This series tells the story of a killer, not from the point of view of the victim or their loved ones, but from the perspective of those who knew the murderer best - their family. Whether it's their father, sister, brother or ex-wife, we hear up close and personal what life was like with the killer in their life. Following the story of Ian Huntley, Fred West, Richard Ramirez, Phillip Fraser, Levil Bellfield and the honour killing of Surit Athwal.

Britain's Darkest TaboosBritain's Darkest Taboos
Crime and Investigation, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Crime, Documentary

Britain's Darkest Taboos is the, shocking, true-life crime series that tells the story of some of the most sickening acts of familial crime imaginable. No subject is off limits, from incest and rape to child destruction and murder. Britain's Darkest Taboos is every family's worst nightmares, relived and retold firsthand by the family and friends at the heart of events, as well as Police Officers involved in the case.