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Erik King

Erik King

United States

Age: 60

Born: 21 Apr, 1963

Known for

In Dexter as James Doakesas James Doakes

in Dexter
In Oz as Moses Deyellas Moses Deyell

in Oz
In Kindred: The Embraced as Sonny Toussaintas Sonny Toussaint

in Kindred: The Embraced
In Missing Persons as Investigator Bobby Davisonas Investigator Bobby Davison

in Missing Persons

TV Series Starring Erik King

Showtime, 2006 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.5/5

This crime thriller tells the story of a strange man named Dexter Morgan. Once an abused and abandoned child, Dexter is now a successful forensics pathologist... but lurking just beneath his charismatic personality is a terrible truth: He hunts down and brutally murders those vicious criminals who have managed to avoid the clutches of the law.

HBO, 1997 | Drama, Crime, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

Oz is the name on the street for the Oswald State Penitentiary. Our wheelchair-bound narrator Augustus Hill (Harold Perrineau Jr.) takes us through the wacky world of Emerald City, the experimental prison unit started by Tim McManus (Terry Kinney). There's shankin' and lovin' and cussin' and fightin' but in the end, HBO makes a damn fine prison drama. It's gritty. And there you have it.

Kindred: The EmbracedKindred: The Embraced
FOX, 1996 | Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rating: 3/5

Kindred: The Embraced is a TV series based on Vampire-The Masquerade role playing game. It follows the lives and loves of a vampire society in San Francisco. The show features a diverse cast of vampires, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. The series explores the complex relationships and politics within the vampire community.

Missing PersonsMissing Persons
ABC, 1993 | Drama, Crime

Missing Persons is a gripping crime drama set in Chicago that follows the investigations of a missing persons unit led by Lt. Ray McAuliffe. The team works tirelessly to solve cases and bring closure to families, delving into the often heartbreaking and dangerous world of missing persons. With compelling characters and intense storylines, this show is a must-watch for crime drama fans.