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Halit Ergenç

Halit Ergenç


Age: 52

Born: 30 Apr, 1970

Known for

In Magnificent Century as Sultan Süleymanas Sultan Süleyman

in Magnificent Century
In Babil as Irfanas Irfan

in Babil
In Vatanim Sensin as Cevdetas Cevdet

in Vatanim Sensin

TV Series Starring Halit Ergenç

Star TV, 2020 | Drama, Family

The life of İrfan, an idealist professor of economics in a state university, turns upside down when he wrongfully gets fired and his 7 year old son Deniz gets sick. All the doors get locked in his face one by one as he asks help from Egemen, him and his wife's childhood friend; and he finds himself in a dark adventure he could never have imagined. Encountering İlay, the love of his life who he broke up with when they were about to get married, as Süleyman's mistress, will lead him to numerous challenges. Will Ayşe, the idealist young lady who he encounters during this adventure, become his savior?

Vatanim SensinVatanim Sensin

Set in the unique picturesqueness of Aegean coasts, this is the love story of a man and a woman whose memorable faith in each other will go through a grave crisis. Powerful portrayal of timeless human emotions, strong characters, a breathtaking romance, a penetrating script, glimmers of grandiose locations unfolding along the beauty of the Aegean coastline, and the highest production quality ensured by the directors of Magnificent Century.

Magnificent CenturyMagnificent Century
Star TV, 2011 | Drama, Action, Adventure, Military/War
Rating: 4/5

Golden years of the Ottoman Empire, a television series comes to life again. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent vital, in all its glory is set to become guest homes. Hirsi, loves, wars, and get ready to live in this time period with all the struggle.