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Hallvard Holmen

Hallvard Holmen


Age: 56

Born: 16 Jul, 1966

Known for

In Nobel as Rolf Inheradas Rolf Inherad

in Nobel
In Furia as Sjefenas Sjefen

in Furia
In Mammon as Åge Haugenas Åge Haugen

in Mammon
In Magnus as Larsas Lars

in Magnus

TV Series Starring Hallvard Holmen

Viaplay, 2021 | Drama, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Policeman Asgeir moves to an idyllic town on the west coast of Norway. After a local conflict, Asgeir meets the mysterious woman Ragna, and soon they are both caught in a network of right-wing radical forces that threaten Europe.

NRK1, 2020 | Comedy, Drama, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 5/5

Year 2040. Top police woman Victoria Woll in her early 60's is sitting in jail, sentenced for life. Through each episode set nowadays but told in flashback, we see how the sharp detective Victoria is working on different cases with her team, we get to know the complex female cop, and her family - including her son and love interest. Slowly, the mystery around why she ended up in jail will be revealed.

NRK1, 2019 | Comedy, Drama, Crime
Rating: 5/5

Magnus - perhaps the police's worst investigator - is set to solve a murder from another world, and then we mean a completely different world.

NRK1, 2016 | Drama, Thriller, Military/War | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.7/5

24 hours after returning to his home in Oslo following a traumatic tour of duty in Afghanistan, Erling Riser is given orders to kill an Afghan man on the street. When he discovers the orders were not sent by the Head of Intelligence he must find out who is sending them and why he is being used as a hitman. His wife no longer trusts him, and he cannot trust anyone himself, Erling finds himself in the middle, as both a target and hitman, of a complex killing game. Nobel places a dramatic conspiracy plot in the middle of Norway's war in Afghanistan and at the centre of the world's most famous humanitarian prize. Politics and social commentary are combined in this gripping thriller.

NRK1, 2014 | Drama, Action, Crime, Mystery | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Petter Verås, a journalist, uncovers evidence of financial fraud from an anonymous source. The evidence points to his own brother, who commits suicide. Petter tries to uncover the truth, which involves media, politicians, and the financial elite. The closer he gets, the more dangerous it becomes for him and his brother's family.