TV Series Starring Johnny Galecki


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Rating: 2.3/5

Scijinks, is a science prank show hosted by Johnny Galecki. It will use cutting edge science as a foundation for outrageous stunts and practical jokes. Along with a team of inventive scientists, Galecki will educate as well as entertain by messing with people's heads. Galecki is set to produce the series as well, which will comprise eight half-hour episodes. Tamara Robertson and Jason Latimer will join Galecki on Scijinks as so-called "prankologists," testing out science on unsuspecting marks, drawing from chemistry, physics, technology, engineering, and more to introduce audiences to remarkable and unusual scientific discoveries while performing innovative pranks. Their stunts will reportedly include showcasing classic chemical reactions under the guise of a cooking class and controlling the movement of objects with their brains using electroencephalography.

The Big Bang Theory


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Rating: 4.3/5

From writers/producers Chuck Lorre ("Two And A Half Men") and Bill Prady ("Gilmore Girls") comes a new comedy that shows what happens when two hyper-intelligent scientists meet a beautiful woman - and realize they know next to nothing about life outside of the lab.



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Rating: 3.9/5

"Roseanne" is the story of a working class family struggling with life's essential problems: Marriage, Children, Money and Parent's in Law. A classic sitcom, the story circles around the Connor family - a family of five (DJ, Darlene, Becky, Roseanne and Dan).