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Katsuji Mori

Katsuji Mori


Age: 77

Born: 10 Jul, 1945

Known for

In Pokťmon: Origins as Ookido, Yukinarias Ookido, Yukinari

in Pokémon: Origins
In Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited as Eiji Saotomeas Eiji Saotome

in Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited
In Transformers: The Headmasters as Weirdwolfas Weirdwolf

in Transformers: The Headmasters
In The Law of Ueki as Koba-sen (Kobayashi-sensei)as Koba-sen (Kobayashi-sensei)

in The Law of Ueki

TV Series Starring Katsuji Mori

Pokémon: OriginsPokémon: Origins
TV Tokyo, 2013 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Anime
Rating: 4/5

The respective plot is close to that of Pokémon Red and Green Versions, the very first games of the franchise, featuring Red as the protagonist and Blue as Red's rival.

Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The UnlimitedCourtesy of Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited
TV Tokyo, 2013 | Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Anime
Rating: 3.5/5

Spin-off series featuring Hyoubu Kyousuke, the leader of the criminal esper organization Pandora. For the sake of his fellow espers, he is determined to bring about a revolution.

The Law of UekiThe Law of Ueki

It's time for a new God to be decided - candidates from the celestial world must each choose a high school student, give their student a unique power, and have them fight it out. While many want the prize powers for selfish and destructive reasons, Mr K and his student Ueki decide to fight simply to keep the world safe.

Transformers: The HeadmastersTransformers: The Headmasters

Headmasters starts with Galvatron leading a new batch of Destrons to wage war on Seibertron, the Destron Headmasters. The Cybertrons are rescued by the arrival of the Cybertron Headmasters, led by Fortress (Cerebros, the head of Fortress Maximus). It is revealed that Fortress left Seibertron millions of years ago in search of energy, and have finally managed to come home. He explains that the Headmasters are from a planet called Master; the human-sized robots who live there built themselves Transformers-sized bodies. They can then transform themselves into the heads of the robots, and have now joined the Cybertron-Destron war.

Attack No. 1Attack No. 1

Mila Ayohara is a 12 year old Japanese girl that is very good at playing Volleyball. She plays Volleyball throughout her teen years and eventually makes it to the Olympics.