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Maaya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto


Age: 43

Born: 31 Mar, 1980

Known for

In Nanatsu no Taizai as Merlinas Merlin

in Nanatsu no Taizai
In Made in Abyss as Raizaas Raiza

in Made in Abyss
In Soul Eater as Chronaas Chrona

in Soul Eater
In God Eater as Alisa Illinichina Amiellaas Alisa Illinichina Amiella

in God Eater

TV Series Starring Maaya Sakamoto

Fugo Detective Balance: UnlimitedFugo Detective Balance: Unlimited
Tokyo MX, 2020 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Animation | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.6/5

The story follows the incredibly wealthy Daisuke Kanbe who audaciously solves cases in unconventional ways. Whereas Tsutsui serialized the original novel from 1975 to 1977, the anime moves the setting into the modern day. Kanbe is assigned to the "Modern Crimes Task Unit" - a unit created to keep problematic officers away from others. There, Kanbe becomes partners with Katō.

Sing Yesterday for MeSing Yesterday for Me
TV Asahi, 2020 | Drama, Romance, Anime, Animation | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.6/5

Rikuo Uozumi works at a convenience store after college. His life changes when he meets his former girlfriend and classmate and the unusual Haru Nonaka with her pet raven. Sing Yesterday for Me follows Rikuo's life as he navigates his relationships with his former girlfriend, classmate, and Haru Nonaka. The show explores themes of love, loss, and finding one's purpose in life.

Made in AbyssMade in Abyss
AT-X, 2017 | Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.9/5

The Abyss is the only unexplored place in the world, full of wondrous creatures and ancient relics. Bold adventurers known as 'Cave Raiders' explore its depths. Rico, an orphan in Oosu, dreams of becoming a great cave raider like her mother. One day she finds a robot boy while exploring the Abyss.

Tokyo MX, 2017 | Drama, Action, Fantasy, Anime | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.2/5

In a parallel world to Fate/stay night, two factions fight for the control of the Holy Grail. The Grail summons its own Servant to oversee the conflict. The Yggdmillennia family of magi possesses the Grail and openly declares their secession from the Mage's Association. The Great Holy Grail War begins.

Tokyo MX, 2017 | Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Rating: 4.5/5

Re:CREATORS is a TV series where characters from various stories come to life and bring chaos to the world. They question their existence and view humans as god-like for creating them. As the characters seek answers and demand justice from their creators, the line between reality and fiction becomes blurred. In this world, everyone has the power to create and destroy.

God EaterGod Eater
Tokyo MX, 2015 | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Anime | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.3/5

Anime adaptation of Bandai Namco's PSP action game series "God Eater." Set in Japan in the year 2071 where the world has been mostly destroyed by mysterious monsters known as the Aragami. An organization known as Fenrir was made to exterminate Aragami using weapons called God Arcs which is made from the cells of an Aragami. Those who specialize in exterminating Aragami are known as God Eaters. Originally God Eaters had one type in which their God Arcs can only keep gun form or blade form, however a new type has been discovered that can switch between gun and blade form. Since then, they have been classified new-types and the previous as old-types.

Arslan SenkiArslan Senki
MBS, 2015 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Anime | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.3/5

Arslan, crown prince of Pars, is forced to flee his kingdom after it is taken over by Lusitania. He reunites with loyal servant Daryun to assemble an army and take back his homeland. With the help of philosopher Narsus, his young servant Elam, priestess Falangies, and musician Gieve, Arslan fights against the Lusitanian army led by the elusive warrior Silvermask.

Ushio to Tora TVUshio to Tora TV
Tokyo MX, 2015 | Comedy, Action, Mystery, Fantasy
Rating: 3.8/5

Ushio thinks that his father's talk of an ancient ancestor impaling a demon on a temple altar stone with the legendary Beast Spear is nuts, but when he finds the monster in his own basement, Ushio has to take another look at the family legend! To save his friends and family from the invading spirits, Ushio is forced to release Tora from his captivity. But will the creature prove to be worse than the curse?

Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative ArchitectureGhost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture
Tokyo MX, 2015 | Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Anime
Rating: 4.7/5

Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture is a prequel set in the year after the fourth World War. Motoko Kusanagi investigates a bombing with others. The OVA sequence has been extended with two new broadcast exclusive episodes to create eight TV-length episodes. The series premiered in 2015.

Nanatsu no TaizaiNanatsu no Taizai
MBS, 2014 | Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.8/5

In a kingdom ruled by tyrannical Holy Knights, the king's daughter sets out to find the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights who can help her reclaim the throne. But are the Sins really as evil as they were made out to be? Join Elizabeth on her journey in this action-packed anime series.

Shingeki no Bahamut GenesisShingeki no Bahamut Genesis
SUN-TV, 2014 | Action, Fantasy, Anime, Animation | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

In Mistarcia, humans, gods, and demons live together. They once united to seal Bahamut's power, splitting the key between them. Now, a human woman steals the gods' half. The theft of the gods' key half threatens the peace of the world, as Bahamut's power could be unleashed. The race is on to retrieve the stolen half and prevent catastrophe.

Captain EarthCaptain Earth
MBS, 2014 | Action, Sci-Fi, Anime, Animation
Rating: 5/5

One night right before summer vacation, Daichi Manatsu, a second-year in high school, sees a weird round rainbow floating in the sky above Tanegashima and ventures there alone. He has seen this rainbow before. With the memories of his father's mysterious death and an encounter of a mysterious boy and girl, Daiji arrives on the island while the alarm of a building labeled "Earth Engine" is going off. Someone asks him if he's a captain, just as robotic intruders from Uranus called "Kiltgang" arrive. The battle around the shining stars is about to begin.

World Conquest: Zvezda PlotWorld Conquest: Zvezda Plot

What does it take to conquer the world?! Every leader of the past has thought of it... but all they have done was to merely dream of its greatness. World domination... nobody has been able to achieve it. Until one little girl by the name of Kate Hoshimiya came along. Kate Hoshimiya will shock the world! How was she able to carry out such a magnificent stunt? So frightful! So glorious! Could this be... the Zvezda Plot?! Let the light of our great Zvezda shine upon this land far and wide!


The story is set in 2036, after radioactive contamination from a nuclear accident has put Tokyo under a blockade. Three high school girls have been sent to this dead city. Thanks to genetic engineering, the three girls have been impervious to radioactivity since birth. They form a special forces unit, codenamed Coppelion, in the 3rd Division of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force.

Bunny DropBunny Drop
Fuji TV, 2011 | Comedy, Drama, Anime, Animation
Rating: 4/5

A young man takes in his grandfather's illegitimate daughter, Rin, after none of her other relatives want to raise her. Rin is six years old and the story spans 30 years. Bunny Drop follows the journey of Rin and her new guardian as they navigate the challenges of parenthood and family dynamics. The heartwarming anime explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the bonds that tie us together.

Arakawa Under the BridgeArakawa Under the Bridge
TV Tokyo, 2010 | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Anime
Rating: 3/5

A young upper-class elite man, Ichinomiya "Riku" Kou, who has a policy of not ever wanting to be in debt to anyone, ends up owing his life to a strange girl, who rescues him. His saviour is Nino, a beautiful homeless girl, who believes that she is from the planet Venus and lives under the bridge by the Arakawa river. So the young man ends up living there too.

The Tatami GalaxyThe Tatami Galaxy
Fuji TV, 2010 | Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Rating: 5/5

A third-year Kyoto University student reflects on his early campus life, encouraged by Ozu to embark on dubious missions. He's romantically interested in a younger female student, Akashi. The protagonist's missions often conflict with his interest in Akashi. The Tatami Galaxy is a Japanese TV series that premiered in 2010.

Tokyo MX, 2009 | Comedy, Drama, Action, Fantasy
Rating: 5/5

Koyomi Aragi was briefly a vampire, but thanks to a homeless man, he started to become human again. In his third year of high school, he discovers that he can see and communicate with supernatural beings. With the help of a mysterious girl named Tsubasa Hanekawa, Koyomi sets out to help these beings with their problems while dealing with his own inner demons.


Canaan is an anime adaptation of a visual novel mystery game. It follows the story of a female mercenary caught up in a conspiracy in Shanghai. The mystery unfolds as Canaan tries to unravel the strange events happening around her. With action-packed scenes and a gripping storyline, Canaan is a must-watch for anime fans.

Soul EaterSoul Eater
TV Tokyo, 2008 | Comedy, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

At a school for Meisters, humans who study to become powerful warriors, each student has a partner weapon. The story follows three Meisters and their Weapons. As they work to collect souls and become stronger, they must also battle evil forces and confront their own personal demons. Will they be able to overcome their challenges and reach their goals?

MBS, 2008 | Comedy, Drama, Action, Crime
Rating: 4.5/5

This series is based on a popular manga and tells the story of Sebastian Michaels, butler to Ciel, the 12-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family. Sebastian is particularly good at his job, able to carry out any task Ciel demands, because he is not only a butler - he is a demon.

Sands of DestructionSands of Destruction

In a world where humans serve as livestock for the ruling beastman, and where sand fills the roles of water and fire. Kyrie is recruited by the "World Destruction Committee" to assist in putting an end to their world. Kyrie alone holds the power needed to do it.

Ouran High School Host ClubOuran High School Host Club
NTV, 2006 | Comedy, Romance, Anime, Animation
Rating: 4.6/5

Haruhi Fujioka is a poor girl who earned a scholarship to gain entrance to the prestigious Ouran High School, where family prestige matters first, and wealth second. Looking for a quiet place to study, she happened upon the Ouran Host Club, and promptly broke a vase worth 8,000,000 Yen. To pay it off, the club makes her work first as a go-fer, and then as a Host herself. The only problem is, they don't realize that "he" is really a "she".

Kanon (2006)Kanon (2006)

After returning to his aunt's home, Yuuichi reconnects with the people who were once important to him, including his cousin Nayuki. However, secrets from their pasts begin to emerge. As the series progresses, Yuuichi and those around him confront their memories and the events that have shaped their lives. Kanon explores the complexities of relationships and the impact of time.

Tsubasa: Resevoir ChronicleTsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle
Other, 2005 | Drama, Family, Action, Adventure
Rating: 5/5

Syaoran, a young archaeologist, embarks on a journey to collect the feathers of Princess Sakura of Clow Country to retrieve her memories. As Syaoran travels through different worlds, he encounters old friends, new allies, and dangerous enemies, all while facing the challenges of love, loyalty, and sacrifice.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DestinyMobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
TBS(Japan), 2004 | Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Anime
Rating: 4/5

In C.E. 73, Phantom Pain hijacks three advanced mobile suits from a ZAFT armoury during a meeting between Orb representative Cagalli Yula Athha and new ZAFT chairman Gilbert Durandal. Orb refugee Shinn Asuka, Athrun Zala, and the crew of the Minerva pursue them. The pursuit escalates into cataclysmic circumstances leading to the declaration of another war in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.


In a world taken over by invaders, the city of Tokyo remains unaware of the situation. Ayato Kamina breaks out of the city and learns the secrets of RahXephon. The remnants of humanity have fought a 15-year war against the Mu, with victory lying within the occupied city. Ayato confronts a world he has never known and learns the horrifying secrets of RahXephon.

Vision of EscaflowneVision of Escaflowne
TV Tokyo, 1996 | Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure
Rating: 3/5

The series focuses on the heroine, Hitomi Kanzaki, and her adventures after she is transported to the world of Gaea, a mysterious planet where she can see Earth and its moon in the sky. On Gaea, Earth is known as the Mystic Moon. Hitomi's latent psychic powers are enhanced on Gaea and she quickly becomes embroiled in the conflicts between the Zaibach Empire and the several peaceful countries that surround it. The conflicts are brought about by the Zaibach Empire's quest to revive the legendary power from the ancient city of Atlantis. As the series progresses, many of the characters' pasts and motivations, as well as the history of Atlantis and the true nature of the planet Gaea, are revealed.

Record of Lodoss WarRecord of Lodoss War
TV Tokyo, 1990 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Created from the aftermath of the last great battle of the gods, Lodoss and its kingdoms have been plagued by war for thousands of years. Now, an evil stirs: an ancient goddess of destruction awakened by an evil wizard. Only a party of six champions, led by the young warrior Parn, stand between this new threat and Lodoss' descent back into the darkness of war and destruction.