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Максим Матвеев

Максим Матвеев

Russian Federation

Age: 41

Born: 28 Jul, 1982

Known for

In Trigger as Артём Александрович Стрелецкий, психотерапевтas Артём Александрович Стрелецкий, психотерапевт

in Trigger
In Mata Hari (RU) as Vladimir Maslov (Владимир Маслов)as Vladimir Maslov (Владимир Маслов)

in Mata Hari (RU)
In Trotsky as Фрэнк Джексон / Рамон Меркадерas Фрэнк Джексон / Рамон Меркадер

in Trotsky
In Besy as Николай Ставрогинas Николай Ставрогин

in Besy

TV Series Starring Максим Матвеев

1 TV, 2020 Running | Drama
Rating: 4/5

Fashionable uptown Moscow: psychologist Artem practices "provocative therapy", convinced that the fastest and most effective cure is to brutally confront his patients with their fears. Yet his own life is in chaos after he was sentenced to prison for causing a patient's suicide. Free again, he opens a practice in a makeshift office, in a glamorous high rise no less, and sets to work, trying to get his life back on track at the same time. This means getting his wife back, fighting to keep his license to practice, protecting his teenage sister from her violent boyfriend, and, most of all, proving his innocence for the death of his former patient. Moreover he knows the identity of the killer, but proving it isn't so easy. With each case he gets closer to his goal and, although he helps his clients, brilliantly solving their seemingly impossible problems - will he be able to help himself?

Mata Hari (RU)Mata Hari (RU)
1 TV, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, History, Spy/Espionage
Rating: 3.7/5

Margaret McLeod is penniless and out on the streets after her husband leaves her and gains custody of her only daughter. With no other means of making a living, she decides to become an exotic dancer. Under the stage name of Mata Hari, Margaret soon wins fame and notoriety, becoming extremely popular with the European elite. She becomes a regular guest of luxury villas and magnificent mansions, her every performance creating a real sensation. But the year is 1913 and the world is on the verge of a war that will change the entire course of history. Mata Hari cannot even imagine what fateful role she is to play in these coming events.

1 TV, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Thriller, History, Mini-Series

In May 1940, on the outskirts of Mexico City, a detachment of Mexican Communists dressed as policemen attack the house of the former leader of the Russian revolution, Leon Trotsky. For a quarter of an hour they shoot at the house, but by an incredible coincidence, Trotsky and his wife survive. Having lost during the eleven years of expulsion almost all close ones and relatives, Trotsky understands: his eternal enemy, Stalin, will continue to pursue him until the end of his days. He decides to leave a political testament, for the first time to tell in full and sincerely how a Jewish young man managed to become a prophet of the new world and destroy the largest empire. To write his memoirs, Trotsky invites his ideological opponent - a Canadian journalist sympathetic to Stalin - to convert him into his faith, so that he in turn can convert the whole mankind.

RT, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Mystery, History, Mini-Series

The end of the 19th century. In the provincial city of N, a series of mysterious murders takes place. The Metropolitan investigator Goremykin arrives at the scene of the crime . The search for the killer leads him to an unexpected conclusion - a revolutionary circle has been created in the city, which consists of two young men who recently returned from Switzerland.