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Mariusz Bonaszewski

Mariusz Bonaszewski


Age: 59

Born: 26 Aug, 1964

Known for

In Chylka as Mecenas Lew Bucheltas Mecenas Lew Buchelt

in Chylka
In Sortownia as Wiktoras Wiktor

in Sortownia
In Lipowo. Zmowa milczenia as Senioras Senior

in Lipowo. Zmowa milczenia
In Krew z Krwi as Luther, człowiek Andrzeja Rotyas Luther, człowiek Andrzeja Roty

in Krew z Krwi

TV Series Starring Mariusz Bonaszewski

Canal+, 2023 Running | Drama, Thriller
Rating: 5/5

Green - patients for the waiting room, yellow - shorter waiting time, red - immediate assistance. Every day, the doctors at the Emergency Department not only fight for human lives but also against the difficult realities of the Polish healthcare system. One of them is Dr. Jacek Wolinski, who has dedicated himself entirely to his work. It is not only his life mission but also the only chance to forget about the demons of the past. Woliński is referred to by patients as a "good doctor," but is he really a good person?

Lipowo. Zmowa milczeniaLipowo. Zmowa milczenia
Player, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime

Lipowo - a small, sleepy town in picturesque Kujawy. One day, in the middle of a close-knit community, Weronika Nowakowska - a writer looking for peace and escape from the life and troubles she left behind in the capital - comes to the town. Shortly after her arrival, tragic events take place in Lipowo - a sister from a local convent, in which vows of silence are in force, dies. The head of the local police, young and ambitious Daniel Podgórski, seeing the commitment of the new resident, decides on a very brave move - against all odds, he draws Weronika into the case. With each passing day, the woman begins to discover more secrets of the town. But in order to get to the truth, the writer must not only bring to light the deeply hidden secrets of the inhabitants of Lipowo, but also face her own. And above all, break the conspiracy of silence.

TVN, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 4.5/5

Joanna Chylka is capable, uncompromising, courageous and rebellious. In a legal world full of men, they do not give in to anything. When three-year-old Nikola Szlezyngier disappears without a trace, and the police do not find evidence of kidnapping, the main suspects become the child's parents. It is Chylka and her new apprentice Kordian Orynski who undertake to defend the marriage. All circumstantial evidence, however, indicates the blame of the Szlezyngers. Will lawyers manage to bring the case together to a happy final?

Na krawędziNa krawędzi
Polsat, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime

It is a story of Marta Sajno (Urszula Grabowska), a seemingly happy and independent woman who brings up a single daughter, who returns from Canada to Poland after many years to settle accounts from the past. Once, in her student days, she was badly hurt ... There were four of them: a policeman, a prosecutor, a lawyer and a judge. Marta did not accept what they had done to her. She returned to Poland to find them. She is no longer vulnerable like twenty years ago. She bought a publishing house, set up a foundation for women - victims of violence, for women who have experienced what she has.

Krew z KrwiKrew z Krwi
TVP 2, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller

The series takes place in the Tri-City. Carmen Rota (Agata Kulesza), daughter of a former mafia boss, leads her life away from the criminal underworld and raises three children. Her husband Marek (Zbigniew Stryj) officially runs a private marina. In fact, together with Carmen's brother, Wiktor (Andrzej Andrzejewski) and his friend Stefan (Lukasz Simlat), he deals with smuggling. When Carmen's husband dies as a result of gangster-related charges, her life turns into a hell. There are strangers and threatening to kill children, demanding the repayment of her husband's debts and stolen drugs. To protect loved ones, Carmen makes a decisive decision - she decides to lead the family of the "empire of evil". Her seemingly peaceful life turns into a hell of crimes.

Polsat, 2012 Running | Drama

"Friends", also known under the original title Przyjaciółki, is a Polish drama which premiered on 6 September 2012 on Polsat. The series follow the story of four friends who met in high school. Their paths then diverged. They meet again years later at a class meeting and realise that they need each other like they never did before. The action happens in Warsaw.

TVP 1, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Crime
Rating: 5/5

A tough, stubborn and devoid of illusions cop in a story of love, hatred, death and human emotions, so strong that they push people to crime. The series shows what the price is of being a cop: stress and constant exposure to extreme situations. That is why the policemen's private lives are as important in the series as the cases they work on. The main character is a homicide department officer in his forties. Tough, stubborn and devoid of illusions, he has a beloved daughter, but it is only his cat that can bear him on everyday basis.