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Masashi Ebara

Masashi Ebara


Age: 70

Born: 04 May, 1953

Known for

In Nisekoi as Wagner, Kirisaki Adeltas Wagner, Kirisaki Adelt

in Nisekoi
In Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files as Yomias Yomi

in Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files
In Shakugan no Shana as Alastoras Alastor

in Shakugan no Shana
In Tokyo ESP as Kakuno, Shinas Kakuno, Shin

in Tokyo ESP

TV Series Starring Masashi Ebara

Vatican Miracle ExaminerVatican Miracle Examiner

Vatican City-Holy Land of the Catholics. Amidst the land, there is an organization that conducts rigorous investigations on "claims of miracles" from all over the world to ascertain their credibility. The organization is referred to as "Seito no Za" (Assembly of Saints) and the priests that belong there are called miracle investigators. Robert Nicholas, an ancient archive and cryptanalysis expert is partnered and good friends with Hiraga Josef Kou, a genius scientist. Together, the brilliant duo investigates the "miracles" and uncovers the incidents and conspiracies hidden behind them.

Tokyo MX, 2014 | Comedy, Romance, Adult Cartoons, Anime | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.7/5

Raku, a high school student and son of a yakuza leader, meets Chitoge, the daughter of a rival gang boss, leading to an unexpected partnership. To maintain peace between their families, Raku and Chitoge pretend to be in a relationship for three years, despite their mutual dislike and Raku's crush on another girl.

Tokyo ESPTokyo ESP

The science fantasy story Tokyo ESP begins with Rinka, an extremely poor high school girl who lives with just her father in modern Tokyo. One day, she is going home from school when she chases a "flying penguin" to the top of New Tokyo Tower - only to have "fish swimming in the air" suddenly appear before her. One of the fish goes through Rinka and gives her extraordinary powers beyond those of normal humans, particularly the ability to slip through solid objects.

Rock Lee & His Ninja PalsRock Lee & His Ninja Pals

Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village. The village where Uzumaki Naruto, star of the TV show "Naruto" makes his home. Every day, countless powerful ninjas carry out missions and train to hone their skills. Our main character is one of these powerful ninjas...but it's not Naruto! It's the ninja who can't use ninjutsu, Rock Lee! In spite of his handicap, Lee has big dreams. He works hard every day to perfect his hand-to-hand combat skills and become a splendid ninja! And to achieve his dream, he puts in more effort than anyone else. Under the hot-blooded tutelage of his teacher Guy, he works alongside his teammates Tenten and Neji. Watch the Beautiful Green Beast Rock Lee train, go on missions, and have all sorts of adventures!


14 year-old Sumimura Yoshimori is the desendant of a monster exterminator, also known as a Kekkaishi. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Yumikura Tokine, his older, female rival is also related to the Kekkaishi. They battle monsters and demons, protecting their lands and people, all the while vying for the title of rightful heir to the Kekkaishi bloodline.

Buso RenkinBuso Renkin

The story begins when high school student Mutou Kazuki is killed one night saving a mysterious girl from a monster, only to wake up and find it was only a dream. However, he soon finds out how real that dream was when a giant serpentine monster attacks him and his sister. Tsumura Tokiko, the girl from his dream, explains that the monster is a homunculus. Kazuki had been attacked and killed by it when rescuing Tokiko, however the girl revived him by placing a kakugane medal in his chest. The kakugane, Tokiko explains, is an alchemical device that when activated can give him the power to fight homunculi. Using this, Kazuki creates his own Arms Alchemy (busou renkin), an alchemic weapon in the form of a huge lance. Along with Tokiko and her own Arms Alchemy (busou renkin), Kazuki joins the fight against the homunculi and their master.

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls ZDemashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z

When Chemical Z causes black and white lights to appear in Tokyo, three ordinary girls become defenders of the city as Powerpuff Girls Z. Hyper-Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, and Powered Buttercup fight evil to defend Tokyo City from the likes of Rowdyruff boys, Sedusa, and Princess.

Shakugan no ShanaShakugan no Shana
Other, 2005 | Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure
Rating: 5/5

After being attacked by a monster, Sakai Yuuji learns he is a Torch, a temporary replacement for humans who have been eaten by the Guze no Tomogara. He meets a girl named Shana, who is a Flame Haze, a warrior who fights the Tomogara. Together, they fight to save humanity from being consumed by the Tomogara.

Gunslinger GirlGunslinger Girl

Traumatized girls taken from hospitals in modern Italy are cybernetically enhanced and trained as assassins by a secret branch of the Public Corporation for Social Welfare, Section 2. Each girl is assigned a male handler who conditions her to increase lethality and loyalty, sacrificing individuality and lifespan in the process.


Tetsunosuke Ichimura has always been upset about his short stature. After he sees his parents being murdered by a Choushuu assassin right in front of him, he vows with all his heart to become strong enough to take revenge on their killer. It is now 1864, the first year of Genji. Tetsunosuke, now 15, heads to the headquarters of the Shinsengumi with his older brother Tatsunosuke, looking to join the historical group to fulfill his dreams of getting stronger. Little does he realize what he is about to experience by doing so, for in order to join this army, one must forego his humanity and become a demon.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost FilesYu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files
Fuji TV, 1992 | Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure
Rating: 3.7/5

Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent, dies saving a child from traffic. As a result, he becomes a spirit detective tasked with eliminating demons and protecting humanity. Yusuke's spirit detective missions take him to the spirit world and beyond, as he battles powerful demons and uncovers hidden conspiracies.