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Michał Czernecki

Michał Czernecki


Age: 44

Born: 04 Apr, 1978

Known for

In Blinded by the Lights as Prokurator Szeptyckias Prokurator Szeptycki

in Blinded by the Lights
In Krew z Krwi as Łukasz Trzcińskias Łukasz Trzciński

in Krew z Krwi
In Diagnosis as Piotr Sadzikas Piotr Sadzik

in Diagnosis
In The Chairman's Ear as prezes telewizji Jacekas prezes telewizji Jacek

in The Chairman's Ear

TV Series Starring Michał Czernecki

Blinded by the LightsBlinded by the Lights
HBO Polska, 2018 | Drama, Crime, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.3/5

An eight-episode story charting seven days from the life of a cocaine dealer whose perfectly organized life begins to sink into chaos while he is forced to make the most important choices in his life.

TVN, 2017 | Drama, Crime

Sometimes, a single unexpected event can irreversibly alter one's life. What would happen, if one day you were to wake up and discover, that you don't know who you are, who you love or care about? Is fate cruel enough to take everything, including your identity and memories? How can you piece together your new life, when you're missing the building elements of who you are?

The Chairman's EarThe Chairman's Ear
YouTube, 2017 | Comedy

The story of the individual episodes is independent of each other. The action of the show takes place in the office of the President, who is the leader of the ruling party. In his office at Nowogrodzka Street, the President of the government camps politicians to give instructions to them or listen to reports on the actions taken. The story is related to the current political situation in Poland under the Law and Justice party, but for no character the name of the person on whom it is based is not mentioned.

Krew z KrwiKrew z Krwi

The series takes place in the Tri-City. Carmen Rota (Agata Kulesza), daughter of a former mafia boss, leads her life away from the criminal underworld and raises three children. Her husband Marek (Zbigniew Stryj) officially runs a private marina. In fact, together with Carmen's brother, Wiktor (Andrzej Andrzejewski) and his friend Stefan (Lukasz Simlat), he deals with smuggling. When Carmen's husband dies as a result of gangster-related charges, her life turns into a hell. There are strangers and threatening to kill children, demanding the repayment of her husband's debts and stolen drugs. To protect loved ones, Carmen makes a decisive decision - she decides to lead the family of the "empire of evil". Her seemingly peaceful life turns into a hell of crimes.