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Michela De Rossi

Michela De Rossi


Age: 31

Born: 25 Jan, 1993

Known for

TV Series Starring Michela De Rossi

Brigands: The Quest for GoldBrigands: The Quest for Gold
Netflix, 2024 Running | Drama, Action, Adventure, History | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.3/5

In mid-19th-century southern Italy, a woman forced to go on the run transforms from dutiful wife to the ruthless leader of a group of bandits. Southern Italy, two years after the Unification of Italy: a woman, forced to escape from her village, joins a particular group of brigands and she will become one of the most ruthless and strategic leaders. But she is not the only one to choose this life and soon comes into contact with other women like her. In order to recover the gold of the South and restore hope to the peasants, the various bands of brigands will have no choice but to unite against the common enemy. Brigands against State, but also brigands against brigands, in a struggle where one must be willing to sacrifice even one's humanity to overcome the oppressors. Dense forests, immense glades and desolate landscapes create a precise image system in which the characters come into intimate contact with the wilderness, becoming an integral part of it. Confined to the edges of civilization and forced to live like beasts to survive in hostile places, this environment changes them forever and brings out their darker, more primitive side. A little bit Robin Hood, a little bit Pirates, the bandits protagonists acquire wealth and power to replace the State. A violent criminality is born where the only option to survive is to become an unscrupulous outlaw.

While the Men Are AwayWhile the Men Are Away
SBS, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, History | ► Trailer
Rating: 2/5

While the Men Are Away is a queer revisionist historical dramedy set in 1940s rural Australia. While the men are off fighting in WWII, the people who have been excluded from power suddenly find themselves running the show. Two Women's Land Army recruits from Sydney arrive in the country and undergo a heady course in race relations, rural politics, spirituality, sex, and personal growth - oh, and farming.