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Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell

United States

Age: 55

Born: 01 Dec, 1967

Known for

In The Morning Show as Yanko Floresas Yanko Flores

in The Morning Show
In Lost as Richard Alpertas Richard Alpert

in Lost
In Bates Motel as Sheriff Alex Romeroas Sheriff Alex Romero

in Bates Motel
In Ringer as Agent Victor Machadoas Agent Victor Machado

in Ringer

TV Series Starring Nestor Carbonell

Shogun (2018)Shogun (2018)

Shogun, set in feudal Japan, charts the collision of two ambitious men from different worlds and a mysterious female samurai: John Blackthorne, a risk-taking English sailor who ends up shipwrecked in Japan, a land whose unfamiliar culture will ultimately redefine him; Lord Toranaga, a shrewd, powerful daimyo, at odds with his own dangerous, political rivals; and Lady Mariko, a woman with invaluable skills but dishonorable family ties, who must prove her value and allegiance.

The Morning ShowThe Morning Show
Apple TV+, 2019 | Drama | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.1/5

The Morning Show offers a glimpse into the lives of those who produce America's morning news, showing the daily challenges faced by both men and women. This series takes viewers behind the scenes of a daily televised ritual, exploring the unique struggles and triumphs of those who help America wake up each day.

Bates MotelBates Motel
A&E, 2013 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Bates Motel is a TV series that explores the origins of the infamous serial killer Norman Bates, from Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Psycho. The show follows Norman and his mother Norma as they move to a small town and purchase a motel, and the events that lead to Norman's descent into madness.

The CW, 2011 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.8/5

A woman on the run from the mob takes on the identity of her wealthy twin sister to hide out, but soon discovers her sister's life is also at risk. Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this drama series about a woman who must navigate the dangerous world of organized crime while keeping up her ruse as her twin sister.

The Penguins of MadagascarThe Penguins of Madagascar
Nick, 2008 | Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

The Penguins of Madagascar follows the daily adventures of a group of penguins living in Central Park Zoo in New York City. These penguins are the same characters from the 2005 animated film Madagascar. In this Nickelodeon series, the penguins become spies and embark on exciting missions. Join Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private as they navigate their way through the zoo and beyond.

CBS, 2007 | Drama
Rating: 1/5

Two Latin American families, the Duques and Samuels, are in the rum and sugar business. This drama explores their rivalry and power struggles. Cane is a soapy drama that delves into the complexities of two multi-generational families. The show centers around the rum and sugar business, and the power dynamics within and between the Duques and Samuels.

ABC, 2004 | Drama, Action, Adventure, Mystery | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.1/5

Survivors of a plane crash are stranded on a remote island, where they must learn to live with one another amidst the dangers of this new world. Created by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, Lost is an action-packed adventure series that follows the lives of these survivors as they navigate the island's unique threats.

The Tick (2001)The Tick (2001)
FOX, 2001 | Comedy, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Rating: 3.9/5

The Tick is a blue, muscular superhero who fights crime in The City. He must ensure that justice is served and defeat the evils of the city. The Tick is an everyday hero who takes on the role of protecting the citizens of The City. His strength and determination make him a formidable opponent for any criminal.

Suddenly SusanSuddenly Susan
NBC, 1996 | Comedy
Rating: 2/5

Susan is a magazine writer who leaves her fiance at the altar and struggles as a single woman. Her weekly column reflects her journey. With a mix of humor and heart, Suddenly Susan explores the challenges of starting over and finding oneself. Join Susan on her quest for love and fulfillment.