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Пётр Рыков

Пётр Рыков

Russian Federation

Age: 41

Born: 30 Dec, 1981

Known for

In Прятки as майор Максим Леонидович Шумов, оперas майор Максим Леонидович Шумов, опер

in Прятки
In Квест as Грекas Грек

in Квест

TV Series Starring Пётр Рыков


In an ordinary looking apartment, a father and daughter play a game of hide-and-seek. While searching for his daughter, she is nowhere to be found - Later, a video is posted which shows the girl holding a sign with a mysterious set of numbers. But what do they mean? She's the first of several children who disappear without a trace in a small industrial town. Young detectives Varta Naumova and Maksim Shumov take on the complex case and - their own demons. Varta is a distant person and extremely protective of her personal space, while Maksim comes across as an easy-going sociable guy. Both have experienced trauma in their lives, and this case touches them on a deeper level. They become personally vested in finding the children and apprehending the kidnapper as they face their respective pasts.


Seven residents of Moscow never thought that one day they would get to know each other and find themselves embroiled in dangerous adventures. All of them rested in the same nightclub, where they were poisoned by a poison unknown to science. An unusual poison does not work immediately - the main characters of the series have 48 hours to take part in a mysterious quest, the price of which is a dose of antidote. In the course of a strange and full of inexplicable moments of the task, young people will find themselves in dangerous situations more than once, and not everyone will get to the end of the quest. Boys and girls will have to look for secret graves, participate in chases, and solve complex riddles. In the role of a "map of the treasure island" is the mystical, full of surprises legacy of Jacob Bruce, an associate of Peter I, who was known among the people as a sorcerer and warlock. However, in order to take possession of this legacy, the heroes will have to go through very real tests, which will cost some of them their lives. Each successfully completed task gives the quest participants a reprieve from death - a small dose of antidote, but in order to stay alive they need to reach the end. One riddle intertwined with each other