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Robert Palfrader

Robert Palfrader


Age: 55

Born: 11 Nov, 1968

Known for

In Totenfrau as Wilhelm Danzbergeras Wilhelm Danzberger

in Totenfrau
In Totenfrau as Inspektoras Inspektor

in Totenfrau
In Undercover as Michael Gollowitzeras Michael Gollowitzer

in Undercover
In Braunschlag as Gerhard Tschach, Mayoras Gerhard Tschach, Mayor

in Braunschlag

TV Series Starring Robert Palfrader

Echt FettEcht Fett
ORF 1 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Echt fett is an Austrian hidden camera television series. As in Just for Laughs: Gags and Trigger Happy TV, it shows clips of how unsuspecting subjects are brought into unusual situations by actors while being filmed with a hidden camera. A typical clip is filmed on the streets, or in a shopping mall. The comedic situations produced by the actors and the reactions of the unknowingly fooled are to entertain viewers. It was broadcast between 2003 and 2007.

ORF 1, 2022 On Hiatus | Drama, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.5/5

Blum, the owner of a funeral home in a renowned ski resort and a loving mother of two young children who is shaken to her core after the accidental death of her husband. She soon realizes that he was murdered because he was about to uncover terrible secrets. She sets out on a vendetta, but in the process turns herself from the hunter to the hunted.

Walking on SunshineWalking on Sunshine
ORF 1, 2019 Running | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 4/5

Austrian drama about the ups and downs of life - in human as well as meteorological terms, because the series revolves around the sunny and dark sides of everyday life in the weather department of the largest broadcaster in the country. Robert Palfrader embodies Otto Cerny-Hohenburg, a well-deserved former news anchor, who is due to return to broadcasting after a long period of sick leave due to being too close to hard liquor. Unfortunately, there is no place for him there - except for the weather, which Otto has of course no idea about.

Dave, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Crime
Rating: 3/5

The show stars Daniel Rigby as a undercover police officer who struggles as he manages to infiltrate a Armenian crime family.

Old MoneyOld Money
ORF 1, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Mini-Series
Rating: 3/5

The billionaire patriarch Rolf Rauchensteiner (Udo Kier) urgently needs a liver. His wife Liane (Sunnyi Melles) then drums along the ĂĽberworfene family who provides the Old liver, gets the whole property - the beginning of a family war without moral limits. After the success of BROWN BEAT OLD MONEY is the new series string of David Schalko. An opulent television show around a family that knows no love. A saga about incest, corruption and gloves made of human skin. Bizarre. Funny. Evil. A DALLAS for the insane!

ORF 1, 2014 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Nicholas Ofczarek and Robert Palfrader show BĂ–sterreich in a mixture of satire, grotesque and sketch comedy. They go on a sightseeing tour in the emotional backyards and abyssal cellar alleys of an "island of the blessed" in the heart of Europe. Sarcastic everyday situations full of black humor - relentlessly honest. The individual little stories are linked, one of the protagonists leads into the next scene. Ofczarek and Palfrader slip into partially recurring, sometimes unique roles.

ORF 1, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama
Rating: 4/5

Braunschlag, a small town at the Austrian-Czech border, is bankrupt. It would take no less than a miracle to survive between Russian loan sharks and demands from the state governors office. And exactly that is what mayor Tschach (Robert Palfrader) and his best friend, the struggling disco entrepreneur Pfeisinger (Nicholas Ofczarek) have in mind. In the hope of finally putting Braunschlag on the map and luring masses of tourists into town they stage an apparition of the Holy Virgin Mary. While initial results are encouraging, things don't quite work out as planned once the good people of Braunschlag get into the act. BRAUNSCHLAG is a story about greed, corruption, misanthropy, Catholicism and alcohol quintessential Austria. This black-humored TV series explores the darker corners of the Austrian heart.