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Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci

United States

Age: 62

Born: 11 Nov, 1960

Known for

In What If...? as Dr. Abraham Erskineas Dr. Abraham Erskine

in What If...?
In Citadel as Bernard Orlickas Bernard Orlick

in Citadel
In Fortitude as DCI Morton Baldwellas DCI Morton Baldwell

in Fortitude
In Inside Man as Jefferson Grieffas Jefferson Grieff

in Inside Man

TV Series Starring Stanley Tucci

Amazon, 2023 | Drama, Action, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.2/5

Global spy agency Citadel has fallen, and its agents' memories were wiped clean. Now the powerful syndicate, Manticore, is rising in the void. Can the Citadel agents recollect their past and summon the strength to fight back?

Inside ManInside Man
BBC One, 2022 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.8/5

A prisoner on death row in the US and a woman trapped in a cellar under an English vicarage, cross paths in the most unexpected way...

What If...?What If...?
Disney+, 2021 | Family, Action, Adventure, Fantasy | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.8/5

Based on the Marvel comic line of the same name, the animated series will examine zany alternate timelines based on "what if?" questions.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for ItalyStanley Tucci: Searching for Italy
CNN, 2021 | Travel, Cooking/Food, Reality, Documentary | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

A six-part docuseries that follows Stanley Tucci as he travels across Italy to discover the secrets and delights of the country's regional cuisines. Viewers will go along with him as he enjoys the luxurious creamy carbonara of Rome, the delicious simplicity of Sicily's pasta à la Norma, the saffron-infused silkiness of risotto in Milan, the crispy tenderness of bistecca à la fiorentina, the perfect classic ragu à la bolognese and the world's best pizza in Naples. Tucci comes prepared with a bottomless appetite for it all, showing us how the diversity of Italian cooking offers a gateway through which you can glimpse Italy's history and culture.

La FortunaLa Fortuna

Alex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat, unintentionally becomes the leader of a mission that will test all his convictions: to recover the sunken treasure stolen by Frank Wild, an adventurer who travels the world plundering items of common heritage from the depths of the sea. Forming a unique team with Lucía, a combative public official, and Jonas Pierce, a brilliant American lawyer passionate about old pirate tales, Alex sets out on the adventure of a lifetime, discovering the importance of love, friendship and commitment to one's beliefs.

Central ParkCentral Park
Apple TV+, 2020 | Comedy, Music, Animation | ► Trailer
Rating: 3/5

Central Park is a TV series about a family of caretakers who live and work in Central Park. They end up saving the park and the world. The show follows the family as they navigate their personal lives and work to protect the park from various threats. The series features an ensemble cast of talented actors and explores themes of family, community, and environmentalism.

Facebook, 2019 | Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.7/5

Lia Haddock, a journalist for American Public Radio (APR), investigates the disappearance of over 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. Limetown is a TV series that follows Lia Haddock as she delves into the mystery behind the missing people and uncovers the secrets of the research facility.

FX, 2017 | Drama, Biography | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Feud explores the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, two of the greatest movie stars of all time. The series offers a seductive, insightful look at what lies behind personality conflicts. The first installment tells the story of their collaboration on What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?.

Sky Atlantic, 2015 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

The series, described as a dark adult drama which mixes multiple genres, is set in the sleepy Arctic town of Fortitude, whose close-knit community is shaken up by the brutal murder of a British research scientist. Leading the investigation is local Sheriff Dan Anderssen, who is joined by British detective DCI Milton Caldwell.

3 Lbs.3 Lbs.
CBS, 2006 | Drama
Rating: 1/5

A medical drama about two neurosurgeons with different approaches to patient care. One values the patient as a whole, the other only cares about their brain. Executive produced by Peter Ocko, this series explores the ethical dilemmas and personal conflicts that arise in the high-pressure world of neurosurgery.

Independent LensIndependent Lens
PBS, 1999 | Interview, Documentary
Rating: 1/5

Celebrate independent films with this Emmy award-winning PBS series. Each week spotlights new documentaries, dramas, shorts and other cinematic artistry by different filmmaking visionaries.

Murder OneMurder One
ABC, 1995 | Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 2.5/5

This series centers on a prominent defense attorney, Theodore "Teddy" Hoffman, and his associates. When an actor whose addicted to alcohol and drugs, who always gets into all sorts of scrapes, and relies on Teddy to bail him out, is accused and tried for murder, it's up to Teddy to save him.