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Toby Truslove

Toby Truslove


Known for

In Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries as Samuel Birnsideas Samuel Birnside

in Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries
In Utopia (AU) as Karsten Leithas Karsten Leith

in Utopia (AU)
In Laid as Zachas Zach

in Laid
In The Strange Calls as Toby Banksas Toby Banks

in The Strange Calls

TV Series Starring Toby Truslove

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder MysteriesMs Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries
ABC (AU), 2019 On Hiatus | Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Crime | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.1/5

Set in Melbourne in the 1960s, Ms Fisher's MODern Murder Mysteries revolves around the personal and professional life of Peregrine Fisher, who inherits a fortune when the famous aunt she never knew goes missing over the highlands of New Guinea. Peregrine sets out to become a world-class private detective in her own right, guided by a group of exceptional women in The Adventuresses' Club, of which her aunt was also a member.

Utopia (AU)Utopia (AU)
ABC (AU), 2014 Running | Comedy, Politics | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.9/5

This series follows politics in Australia, a satirical comedy that follows the decision making process within politics and then passing them off as something productive.

The Strange CallsThe Strange Calls
ABC (AU), 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Hot Fuzz meets Haven, Aussie-style: A lighthearted, supernatural cop show set in a fictional Australian seaside community called Coolum. A young constable arrives to take the night shift, answering calls from the residents who apparently have some special problems at night. His girlfriend dumps him; his office is a beat-up trailer; and his side-kick is an elderly gentleman who favors a Dungeons-and-Dragons style board game. "It can get pretty weird around here when the sun goes down."

ABC (AU), 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy

Join openly gay but closeted geeks, Toby, Rae, Andy, Fab and Max as their lives, loves and never-ending dramas play out with hilarious consequences. Outland is a show about belonging, no matter who you are, and how everyone searches to find a place to fit in.

ABC1, 2011 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy
Rating: 4/5

Laid is a wickedly funny series about a woman who sees the ghosts of people she's had sex with. It's a raunchy and irreverent take on sex and death. Created by Marieke Hardy and Kirsty Fisher, Laid is a must-watch for fans of dark comedies. With its unique premise and sharp humor, it's a show that will leave you wanting more.