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Tomoko Kawakami

Tomoko Kawakami


Age: 53

Born: 25 Apr, 1970

Known for

In History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi as Miu FŇęrinjias Miu FŇęrinji

in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
In Clannad as Girl from the Illusionary Worldas Girl from the Illusionary World

in Clannad
In Cardcaptor Sakura as Rika Sasakias Rika Sasaki

in Cardcaptor Sakura
In Pokťmon Chronicles as Ayameas Ayame

in Pokémon Chronicles

TV Series Starring Tomoko Kawakami

Other, 2007 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 3.9/5

Tomoya doesn't care about school as much as he should and doesn't take his studies seriously. As such, Tomoya discovers that he doesn't fit in with the rest of the kids at his school who are busily trying to study for entrance exams. When Tomoya meets a girl named Nagisa, alone and without friends, he takes it upon himself to help her. Little does Tomoya know, his life will be shifted in a completely different direction.

History's Strongest Disciple KenichiHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
TV Tokyo, 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Action, Romance, Anime
Rating: 4.8/5

Shirahama Kenichi is awalys bullied by the classmates. One day, he sets out his mind to become strong, following an advice of a beautiful girl, Furinji Miu, he goes to a martial arts school. However, it was a tremendously hard school where the strongest martial arts masters teach... will he survive or will he just run away??

Kanon (2006)Kanon (2006)
TBS(Japan), 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

After returning to his aunt's home, Yuuichi reconnects with the people who were once important to him, including his cousin Nayuki. However, secrets from their pasts begin to emerge. As the series progresses, Yuuichi and those around him confront their memories and the events that have shaped their lives. Kanon explores the complexities of relationships and the impact of time.

The Law of UekiThe Law of Ueki
TV Tokyo, 2005 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

It's time for a new God to be decided - candidates from the celestial world must each choose a high school student, give their student a unique power, and have them fight it out. While many want the prize powers for selfish and destructive reasons, Mr K and his student Ueki decide to fight simply to keep the world safe.

TV Tokyo, 2005 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi

Aria is a TV series set in Neo Venezia, a watery city on planet Aqua. Akari Mizunashi, a gondolier in training, works at Aria Company. As she takes tourists on gondola rides, Akari meets various people and experiences the beauty of the city. Aria is a must-watch for fans of slice-of-life anime.

Ah! My BuddhaAh! My Buddha
AT-X, 2005 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Romance, Animation
Rating: 5/5

Hatanaka Ikko, a 16 year old boy, is a first year trainee at the Saienji Buddhist Temple. He was sent there by his parents to be trained by his grandmother, the Saienji Priestess. At the temple he finds himself surrounded by beautiful female priestesses-in-training. Upon seeing a girl naked, Ikko has the ability to turn into a super-monk, performing massive exorcisms for the good of the temple.

TBS(Japan), 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Animation
Rating: 4/5

Kunisaki Yukito is a traveller, ever seeking the 'girl in the sky' from a legend passed down in his family. His journey takes him to a small seaside town, where he meets Misuzu, a girl who seems eager to become his friend. A story spanning a thousand years begins to unfold against the background of their peculiar relationship.

Chrono CrusadeChrono Crusade
Fuji TV, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure
Rating: 5/5

After the Great War, the U.S. experiences an economic boom. However, the rise of occult and devil-worshipers leads to the formation of the Magdalene Order, a group of exorcists who use traditional methods and technology to fight demons. Rosette Christopher, a young exorcist, and her demon friend Chrono search for Rosette's brother Joshua, who has been kidnapped by evil forces.

Detective Academy QDetective Academy Q
Animax, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime
Rating: 5/5

The Dan Detective School is a Japanese detective school permitted by the government. Kyu, an ordinary boy with big dreams to become detective, attends the school as a member of Q Class along with Megu, the girl with photographic memory; Kazuma, the computer genius kid; Kinta, the strong; and the mysterious Ryu. Together they solve many cases which bring them to face Pluto, the crime organization which should have been destroyed by Dan Morihiko.

Angelic LayerAngelic Layer
TV Tokyo, 2001 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Action, Anime, Animation

Misaki Suzuhara is a sixth grader who has just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. She stumbles across a merchandising phenomenon known as Angelic Layer in which a person can purchase a doll and custom design it. Once their doll is finished, they can link to it through new technology and have it move however they want, as long as its within the confines of a field known as a "layer." In these fields there are battles to see who is the best at Angelic Layer that occur at tourist traps or at special tournaments; Misaki meets a strange man known only as Icchan who gets her involved in the games. The man for some reason believes that she has high potential to become one of the greatest players of all time...

Pokémon ChroniclesPokémon Chronicles
Cartoon Network, 2000 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure
Rating: 5/5

Housou tells the tales of many events that happen in parallel with Ash and his journey. The tales range from what his old Pokemon are doing in Prof. Oak's lab, to the origins and secrets of Team Rocket, and the lives of past trainers he met such as Kenji, Hiroshi, and Shigeru. Each episode tells a chapter in that person's life.

TV Tokyo, 1999 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror

Mankind faces a mysterious phenomenon called Algernon, which kills everyone involved. Keita and Hinoki meet at an underground amusement park driving Kakuseijin. They face monsters and unravel mysteries while encountering Betterman, who helps them in danger. The never-ending nightmare has begun.

Cardcaptor SakuraCardcaptor Sakura
NHK, 1998 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

Sakura Kinomoto is appointed Card Captor by the Guardian of the Seal, Kerberos, when she accidentally opens the magical book of Clow Cards and scatters them to the four winds. To protect the world from disaster she must capture all of the Clow Cards with the help of her friend Tomoyo and Kerberos.

Fushigi YuugiFushigi Yuugi
TV Tokyo, 1995 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

When Miaka and her friend Yui are transported into a mysterious book, they are attacked by slavers and saved by a dashing young man. Miaka must become the Priestess of Suzaku to save the new world she's in, while her friend Yui tries to help from the real world.