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Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

United Kingdom

Age: 77

Born: 15 Aug, 1946

Known for

In Blackadder as Private S. Baldrickas Private S. Baldrick

in Blackadder
In Blackadder as Baldrickas Baldrick

in Blackadder
In Blackadder as S. Baldrickas S. Baldrick

in Blackadder
In Time Team as Presenteras Presenter

in Time Team

TV Series Starring Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson's Marvellous MachinesTony Robinson's Marvellous Machines
Yesterday, 2023 Running | Travel, Documentary

Sir Tony Robinson travels the world to explore the most unusual and innovative machines and vehicles. In each episode, Tony discovers four truly mind-blowing and unique machines. Tony will meet the teams who operate them and the amazing engineers, scientists and inventors who created them. Through behind-the-scenes access to the factories and workshops, technical displays and engaging challenges, he'll explore the incredible science and engineering that make these machines tick in fun and exciting ways... and sometimes even get to have a go at operating them himself.

Britain's Forgotten Wars with Tony RobinsonBritain's Forgotten Wars with Tony Robinson
Channel 4, 2021 On Hiatus | Military/War, History, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

The presenter looks back at conflicts Britain was involved in during the second half of the 20th century.

The Thames at Night with Tony RobinsonThe Thames at Night with Tony Robinson
Channel 5, 2021 On Hiatus | Documentary

Tony Robinson is back on the River Thames, Britain's busiest river, and this time, he's exploring it by night, discovering how this great river works around the clock to ensure Britain's 24/7 demands are met.

Tony Robinson's History of BritainTony Robinson's History of Britain
Channel 5, 2020 On Hiatus | History, Documentary

Join Tony Robinson on a journey through the history of Britain, as he uncovers the fascinating stories of everyday people. From humble beginnings to great triumphs, this series brings history to life through the eyes of those who lived it. Don't miss a moment of this captivating exploration.

Around the World by Train with Tony RobinsonAround the World by Train with Tony Robinson
Channel 5, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Adventure, Travel, Documentary

Join Tony Robinson on a journey of a lifetime as he travels tens of thousands of miles around the world by train. Experience stunning landscapes and cultures that will take your breath away. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the rugged terrain of South America, Tony's travels showcase the beauty and diversity of our planet. Get ready for an adventure you'll never forget!

The Thames: Britain's Greatest River With Tony RobinsonThe Thames: Britain's Greatest River With Tony Robinson
Channel 5, 2019 On Hiatus | Travel, History, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Join Tony Robinson on a journey through time and discover the fascinating history, culture, and people of the iconic Thames River. From its ancient beginnings to its modern-day significance, explore the impact of Britain's greatest river on the world. Don't miss this captivating series!

Britain's Great Cathedrals with Tony RobinsonBritain's Great Cathedrals with Tony Robinson
Channel 5, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

Join Tony Robinson on a journey through time to explore the turbulent history of six of Britain's most iconic cathedrals. From the Norman Conquest to the Reformation, uncover the secrets behind these magnificent structures that have stood the test of time. Don't miss this fascinating exploration of Britain's Great Cathedrals.

Egyptian Tomb HuntingEgyptian Tomb Hunting
Channel 5, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Tony Robinson goes on a journey across Egypt where a series of incredible new tomb discoveries are being made.

Tony Robinson: Coast to CoastTony Robinson: Coast to Coast
Channel 5, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

Tony Robinson dons his hiking boots to explore the 200-mile coast-to-coast route made famous by travel writer Alfred Wainwright. In the six-part series, Tony will be trekking across the north of England from St Bee's Beach in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay on the Yorkshire coast.

Britain's Ancient Tracks with Tony RobinsonBritain's Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson
Channel 4, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, History, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Tony Robinson explores the UK's network of ancient trackways and roads, which have been walked by pilgrims, hunters and invaders over the course of the past 5,000 years, each one shrouded in myth, mystery and legend.

Hidden Britain by DroneHidden Britain by Drone
Channel 4, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Sir Tony Robinson uses drones to reveal Britain's hidden places, from billionaires' private estates to forbidden military zones.

Tony Robinson's Wild WestTony Robinson's Wild West
Discovery, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Western, Documentary, Mini-Series

From Custer's Last Stand and the Battle of Little Big Horn to the gunfight at the OK Corral and death of Jesse James, this is a history of the West like no other. Tony Robinson's Wild West uses exclusive, never-before-seen 3D stereoscopic photographs to expose the untold story of the Wild West, and reveal the true stories of the men and women who tamed the American wilderness. This three part documentary charts the 50 year period that began at the end of the American Civil War in 1865, when all the western territories in America were opened up to be exploited.

Time CrashersTime Crashers
Channel 4, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Reality, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Sir Tony Robinson presents the six-part immersive history series that sees 10 famous faces leave the 21st century behind and crash-land into different moments in British history. Kirstie Alley, Fern Britton, Louise Minchin, Zoe Smith, Meg Mathews, Keith Allen, Greg Rutherford, Charlie Condou, Jermaine Jenas and Chris Ramsey will find that everything from the 21st century has disappeared from their lives: mod cons, mobile phones and no internet. Each week, a new episode will bring a new era of history, and eight celebrities will have to fully immerse themselves into that era. In each episode, the celebrities will have to complete different challenges, and at the end of the week, only one can be crowned the ultimate Time Crasher.

Tony Robinson's Tour of DutyTony Robinson's Tour of Duty
History, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

From battlefields to the home front, welcome to Tony Robinson's Tour of Duty. For the first time, experience the Tour of Duty roadshow and feel part of the community as Tony encourages the locals to show off memorabilia, tell stories and share poignant recollections of their ancestors who fought the war at home and abroad. Focusing on the last century of war and war service in Australia - on the battlefield, and on the home front, Tony digs deep through the trenches in the towns and cities he visits making the locals the stars of the show.

Walking Through HistoryWalking Through History
MORE4, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, History, Lifestyle, Documentary

Join Sir Tony Robinson on a journey through the stunning British countryside, as he uncovers the hidden history of the land. From ancient ruins to medieval castles, Sir Tony's hikes provide an educational and entertaining experience for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

Tony Robinson's Time WalksTony Robinson's Time Walks
History (AU), 2012 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

Tony Robinson brings his inquisitive approach to storytelling to the streets as he takes a stroll down memory lane in Australia's capital cities. In each episode we find a different postcode laden with stories. They're all established walks that tourists and locals frequently do, but Tony digs deeper to draw out the drama of the past. He'll roam through the laneways; divulging the tales of crimes; recounting acts of bravery; and notable showdowns that shaped the character of the area. The cities include: Fremantle, Melbourne, Hobart, Woolloomooloo, Bendigo, Newcastle, Carlton, Brisbane, St Kilda and Adelaide.

Tony Robinson's Gods and MonstersTony Robinson's Gods and Monsters
Channel 4, 2011 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

Tony Robinson explores the weird and wonderful history of belief, superstition and religious experience in Britain. For 2000 years, Britain has been a Christian country. Or has it? In fact, our ancestors actually kept many other dark, fantastical beliefs alive. It was a world underpinned by outlandish, dangerous and plain weird beliefs. Ideas that today seem unbelievable, but were seen as uncontroversial and hugely influential, with some having shaped our history as much as mainstream religion.

Birth of Britain with Tony RobinsonBirth of Britain with Tony Robinson
Nat Geo, 2010 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary, Nature

Did you know the Grampian Mountains were once taller than Everest and Devon was once a burning hot desert? Lions and rhinos once roamed the banks of the Thames? And the world's purest gold is produced in Wales? These are just some of the extraordinary facts under scrutiny from Tony Robinson in the brand new series, Birth of Britain with Tony Robinson premiering on Wednesday 1st September at 10pm. Join him as he ventures into the country's extraordinary and fiery past, revealing how our islands were forged from molten rock, volcanic explosions, ice and seismic upheaval.

Blitz StreetBlitz Street
Channel 4, 2010 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Tony Robinson explores what it was like to live through the Blitz.

Man on EarthMan on Earth
Channel 4, 2009 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary

Tony Robinson travels back through 200,000 years of human history to find out what happened to our ancestors when violent climate change turned their world upside down, and what they teach us as we face our own climate crisis today. While some civilisations flourished, others were destroyed. Vicious and sudden changes to the climate killed millions; but benign change has enabled humans to multiply and develop at an extraordinary pace. Using CGI effects and stunning imagery, this series illustrates how climate has shaped human history from the beginning. Tony seeks answers at some of the world's most important and intriguing archaeological sites, speaking to leading archaeologists, historians and climate scientists.

Tony Robinson and the ParanormalTony Robinson and the Paranormal
Channel 4, 2008 Cancelled/Ended | Horror, Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Tony Robinson and science journalist Becky McCall step into the unknown to investigate whether past paranormal events should be taken seriously or dumped into history's litter-bin.

Catastrophe (2008)Catastrophe (2008)
Channel 4, 2008 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary, Nature

This spectacular five-part series, presented by Tony Robinson, investigates the history of natural disasters, from the planet's beginnings to the present, putting a new perspective on our existence - that we are the product of catastrophe. Using the latest CGI effects and featuring scientific experts, the series reveals how the evolution of life on Earth has been shaped by lethal catastrophes that have caused mass extinctions, almost to the point of wiping out life altogether.

Terry Pratchett's HogfatherTerry Pratchett's Hogfather
Sky 1, 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Fantasy, Mini-Series
Rating: 3.8/5

As Hogswatch, the Discworld equivalent of Christmas, approaches, an unlikely group of figures must band together to, not only save the Hogfather, but to save the world as well. Join Death, his assistant Albert, Death's grand-daughter Susan, the staff of Unseen University and a magical computer on a fascinating and magical ride through the Discworld.

The Worst Jobs in HistoryThe Worst Jobs in History
Channel 4, 2004 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary
Rating: 3/5

The history we are taught usually features the lives and times of the great and the good, of the haves and not the have-nots. But the famous aristocrats and monarchs could not have existed without the battalions of minions who performed the tasks that were beneath their masters.

Tony Robinson's RomansTony Robinson's Romans
Channel 4, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary
Rating: 5/5

The actor, presenter and history enthusiast investigates ancient Roman society

Comic ReliefComic Relief
BBC One, 1999 Running | Comedy
Rating: 3/5

Comic Relief is an operating British charity, founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia. The highlight of Comic Relief's appeal is Red Nose Day, a biennial telethon held in March, alternating with sister project Sport Relief.

Time TeamTime Team
Channel 4, 1994 Running | Family, History, Documentary
Rating: 4.2/5

Archaeology for the masses. From what might be perceived as a "stuffy" subject, Time Team has popularized the subject with its enthusiasm to uncover the secrets of Britain's rich and long history.

BBC One, 1983 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.7/5

Prince Edmund, a.k.a. the Black Adder, constantly schemes to take the crown from his father and brother with the help of Lord Percy and Baldrick.