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Xu Kai

Xu Kai


Age: 29

Born: 05 Feb, 1995

Known for

In Falling Into Your Smile as Lu Si Chengas Lu Si Cheng

in Falling Into Your Smile
In She and Her Perfect Husband as Yang Huaas Yang Hua

in She and Her Perfect Husband
In Ancient Love Poetry as Bai Jue / Qing Mu / Bo Xuanas Bai Jue / Qing Mu / Bo Xuan

in Ancient Love Poetry
In Story of Yanxi Palace as Fu Hengas Fu Heng

in Story of Yanxi Palace

TV Series Starring Xu Kai

As Beautiful As YouAs Beautiful As You
Tencent QQ, 2024 Running | Drama, Romance
Rating: 4/5

Ji Xing, a graduate of a best college with solid knowledge, joined Guangsha after graduation. However, reality dealt her a blow. After working for 3 years, she didn't make any progress and dropped into pitfalls. Then she upended the conduct and resigned, starting her own business. She was a newbie, but a smart one. Facing setbacks and gaining successes, Ji met her mentor and investor, Han Ting, cunning and cold, always giving her critical guidance. He thought it would be a journey of discipline...

She and Her Perfect HusbandShe and Her Perfect Husband
Tencent Video, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Family, Romance
Rating: 5/5

The single female lawyer Qin Shi was single-mindedly pursuing a career and was forced to marry her by her parents. The top law firm Cheng and Hui openly recruited family lawyers and asked to be married.

Lost in the Kunlun MountainsLost in the Kunlun Mountains
iQiyi, 2022 Cancelled/Ended | Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, History
Rating: 3/5

Adapted from the classic web novel of the same name "Lost in the Kunlun Mountains," this tells the story of the five gates which is entangled between a feud, headed by Tain Guan in the Republic of China period. Ding Yunqi (played by Xu Kai) who returned after studying overseas and the passionate and innocent Wu Shuang (played by Zhong Chuxi) trudge through the fog together; as the only inheritor can open the treasure of Kunlun Mountains, Ding Yunqi becomes the centre of attention of many forces the moment he stepped into Shanghai, it is hard to tell if anyone who approaches him is friend or foe, but there are still many like-minded friends who would do anything to help! The team that explores the Kunlun Mountains is growing day by day.

Falling Into Your SmileFalling Into Your Smile
Tencent QQ, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: 5/5

Student Tong Yao makes two vows: to never be in a relationship with someone in the same field and to make up for the Chinese League of Legends. When Tong Yao earns her spot as the first formal female player in China's professional league, she catches the attention of an elite team captain. Facing doubts and inconveniences, she meets each challenge with her own persistence and her teammates' support. After much effort, what will become of her vows? Will she stand on the world stage to make up for six years of regret? Will she avoid a romantic entanglement within the e-sports world?

Ancient Love PoetryAncient Love Poetry
Tencent Video, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Action, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 4/5

Shang Gu is the head of the four real immortals in the ancient world and the only one with pure essence energy. Because of a trial 60,000 years ago, she chose to sacrifice herself and fell into a deep sleep. She returns with another identity - Qingchi Palace's High Immortal. Despite being a high immortal, her powers are weak. Along with the loss of her former identity and powers, she also loses her memories. However, her former lover Bai Jue never forgot about her. He was the one who willingly sacrificed his reincarnation for her eternal life, and who waited for her for 60,000 years. When his soul dissipated, she vows to wait for him forever.

Story of Yanxi PalaceStory of Yanxi Palace
iQiyi, 2018 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance

A story revolving around a palace maid with a plucky attitude, street smarts, and a good heart as she maneuvers the dangers in the palace to become a concubine of Emperor Qian Long. During the 6th year of the Qian Long's reign, Wei Ying Luo finds her way to the Forbidden City as a palace maid to investigate the truth behind her older sister's death. She vows to exact justice after learning that Hong Zhou is connected to the case. The kind and gentle Empress Xiao Xian Chun worries that Wei Ying Luo would tread on a path of no return, so she does everything in her power to help Ying Luo and to be her pillar of support. Under the Empress' guidance, Ying Luo becomes a female official and starts to let go of her hatred. However, the Empress dies an untimely death. Misunderstandings arise between Ying Luo and Emperor Qian Long yet they eventually learn to see eye to eye and to find comfort in each other inside the palace that is full of intrigue and conspiracy.