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Persona 4 The Animation
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Persona 4 The Animation

On August 11th 2011, a rash of mysterious murders strikes the rural town of Inaba soon after high school student Yu Narukami moves from the city to live with his uncle. The bodies are being hung from power lines, and the police have no suspects. The images of the missing victims are shown on the TV at midnight, aptly named Midnight Channel before their bodies are discovered. Yu soon discovers an unusual world on the other side of a TV that is linked to these deaths. On the other side people are facing shadowy monsters and the darker sides of their souls. It's up to Yu and his new friends to investigate and try and stop the killer from claiming any more lives.

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Aired on:

MBS, Japan


25 min.




0/5 (0 ratings)

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as Chie Satonaka
as Yukiko Amagi
as Yu Narukami
as Naoto Shirogane
as Kanji Tatsumi
as Rise Kujikawa
as Tohru Adachi
as Ryotaro Dojima
as Nanako Dojima


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