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Pokémon Season 6 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Get the Show on the Road!
2A Ruin with a View
3There's No Place Like Hoenn
4You Never Can Taillow
5In the Knicker of Time!
6A Poached Ego!
7Tree's a Crowd
8A Tail with a Twist
9Taming of the Shroomish
10You Said a Mouthful!
11A Bite to Remember
12The Lotad Lowdown
13All Things Bright and Beautifly!
14All in a Day's Wurmple
15Gonna Rule the School!
16The Winner by a Nosepass
17Stairway to Devon
18On a Wingull and a Prayer!
19Sharpedo Attack!
20Brave the Wave
21Which Wurmple's Which?
22A Hole Lotta Trouble
23Gone Corphishin'
24A Corphish Out of Water
25A Mudkip Mission!
26Turning Over a Nuzleaf
27A Three Team Scheme!
28Seeing is Believing!
29Ready, Willing and Sableye
30A Meditite Fight!
31Just One of the Geysers
32Abandon Ship!
33Now That's Flower Power!
34Having a Wailord of a Time
35Win, Lose or Drew!
36The Spheal of Approval
37Jump for Joy!
38A Different Kind of Misty
39A Poké-BLOCK Party
40Watt's with Wattson