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Pokémon Season 7 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1What You Seed is What You Get
2Love at First Flight
3Let Bagons Be Bagons
4The Princess and the Togepi
5A Togepi Mirage!
6Candid Camerupt!
7I Feel Skitty!
8ZigZag Zangoose!
9Maxxed Out!
10Pros and Con Artists
11Come What May!
12Cheer Pressure
13Game Winning Assist
14Fight for the Meteorite
15Poetry Commotion!
16Going, Going, Yawn
17Going for a Spinda
18All Torkoal, No Play
19Manectric Charge
20Delcatty Got Your Tongue
21Disaster of Disguise
22Disguise Da Limit
23Take the Lombre Home
24True Blue Swablu
25Gulpin It Down
26Exploud and Clear
27Go Go Ludicolo!
28A Double Dilemma
29Love, Petalburg Style!
30Balance of Power
31A Six Pack Attack!
32The Bicker the Better
33Grass Hysteria!
34Hokey Pokéballs
35Whiscash and Ash
36Me, Myself and Time
37A Fan with a Plan
38Cruisin' for a Losin'
39Pearls Are a Spoink's Best Friend
40That's Just Swellow
41Take This House and Shuppet
42A Shroomish Skirmish
43Unfair-Weather Friends
44Who's Flying Now?
45Sky High Gym Battle!
46Lights, Camerupt, Action!
47Crazy as a Lunatone
48The Garden of Eatin'
49A Scare to Remember
50Pokeblock, Stock, and Berry
51Lessons in Lilycove
52Judgement Day!
SpecialPokémon: Jirachi: Wish Maker
SpecialPokémon: Destiny Deoxys