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Power Rangers - Cast

as Tommy Oliver
as Billy Cranston
as Kimberly Hart
as Farkas 'Bulk' Bulkmeier
as Eugene 'Skull' Skullovitch
as Jason Lee Scott
as Zack Taylor
as Trini Kwan
as Lt. Jerome B. Stone
as T.J. Johnson
as Cassie Chan
as Carlos Valerte
as Ashley Hammond
as Adam Park
as Katherine 'Kat' Hillard
as Tanya Sloan
as Leo Corbett
as Rocky DeSantos
as Wes Collins
as Tyler Navarro
as Chase Randall
as Kai Chen
as Shelby Watkins
as Divatox
as Divatox
as Riley Griffin
as Justin Stewart
as Damon Henderson
as Carter Grayson
as Brody Romero
as Calvin Maxwell
as Hayley Roster
as Preston Tien
as Sarah Thompson
as Monty
as Kendall Morgan
as Devon Daniels
as Ravi Shaw
as Zoey Reeves
as Nate Silva
as Dana Mitchell
as Jayden Shiba
as Astronema
as Victor Vincent
as Jennifer Scotts
as Trip Regis
as Lucas Kendall
as Gia Moran
as Kelsey Winslow
as Joel Rawlings
as Kira Ford
as Troy Burrows
as Jake Holling
as Emma Goodall
as Noah Carver
as Mentor Ji
as Mick Kanic
as Blaze
as Bridge Carson
as Ben Burke
as Tori Hanson
as Connor McKnight
as Ethan James
as Anubis "Doggie" Cruger
as Betty Burke
as Cole Evans
as Lt. Taylor Earhardt
as Max Cooper
as Alyssa Enrile
as Danny Delgado
as Jack Landors
as Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado
as Schuyler 'Sky' Tate
as Sydney Drew
as Katherine "Kat" Manx
as Shane Clarke
as Cameron Watanabe
as Princess Shayla
as Levi Weston
as Dustin Brooks
as Captain William Mitchell
as Mesogog
as Trakeena
as Emperor Grumm
as Colonel Mason Truman
as Nadira
as Cassidy Cornell
as Devin Del Valle
as Toxica
as Hunter Bradley
as Blake Bradley
as Trent Fernandez
as Udonna
as Flynn McAllistair
as Dillon
as Ziggy Grover
as Scott Truman
as Summer Landsdown
as Vida Rocca
as Charlie "Chip" Thorn
as Tenaya 7
as Nick Russell
as Kendrix Morgan
as Madison Rocca
as Spike Skullovitch
as Toby Slambrook
as Ernie (PRMF)
as Daggeron
as Casey Rhodes
as Orion
as Mr. Burley
as Lily Chilman
as Theo Martin
as Robert 'RJ' James
as Camille
as Jarrod / Dai Shi
as Dominic Hargan
as Gemma
as Antonio Garcia
as Aisha Campbell
as Zhane
as Ryan Mitchell
as Eric Myers
as Merrick Baliton
as Venjix
as Dr. Anton Mercer
as Gem
as Principal Randall
as Mr. Collins
as Ronny Robinson
as Mack Hartford
as Will Aston
as Rose Ortiz
as Dax Lo
as Miratrix
as Andrew Hartford
as Angela Fairweather
as Lauren Shiba
as Mike Corbett
as Master Org
as Prof. Phenomenous Ingenious
as Flurious
as Ollie Akana
as Amelia Jones
as Izzy Garcia
as Javi Garcia
as Aiyon