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Power Rangers Season 10 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
2Darkness Awakening
3Click, Click, Zoom
4Never Give Up!
5Ancient Awakening
6Wishes on the Water
7The Bear Necessities
8Soul Searching
9Soul Bird Salvation
10Curse of the Wolf
11Battle of the Zords
12Predazord, Awaken
13Revenge of Zen-Aku
14Identity Crisis
15The Ancient Warrior
16The Lone Wolf
17Power Play
18Secrets and Lies
19The Tornado Spin
20Three's a Crowd
21A Father's Footsteps
22Sing Song
23The Wings of Animaria
24Reinforcements from the Future (1)
25Reinforcements from the Future (2)
26The Master's Last Stand
27Unfinished Business
29The Flute
30Team Carnival
31Taming of the Zords
32Monitoring Earth
33The Soul of Humanity
34Forever Red
35The Master's Herald (1)
36The Master's Herald (2)
37Fishing for a Friend
38Sealing the Nexus
39The End of the Power Rangers (1)
40The End of the Power Rangers (2)