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Power Rangers Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1A Friend in Need (1)
2A Friend in Need (2)
3A Friend in Need (3)
4Ninja Quest (1)
5Ninja Quest (2)
6Ninja Quest (3)
7Ninja Quest (4)
8A Brush with Destiny
9Passing the Lantern
10Wizard for a Day
11Fourth Down and Long
12Stop the Hate Master (1)
13Stop the Hate Master (2)
14Final Face-Off
15The Potion Notion
16A Ranger Catastrophe (1)
17A Ranger Catastrophe (2)
18Changing of the Zords (1)
19Changing of the Zords (2)
20Changing of the Zords (3)
21Follow That Cab!
22A Different Shade of Pink (1)
23A Different Shade of Pink (2)
24A Different Shade of Pink (3)
25Rita's Pita
26Another Brick in the Wall
27A Chimp in Charge
28Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (1)
29Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (2)
30Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (3)
31I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
32The Sound of Dischordia
33Rangers in Reverse
34Alien Rangers of Aquitar (1)
35Alien Rangers of Aquitar (2)
36Climb Every Fountain
37The Alien Trap
38Attack of the 60' Bulk
39Water You Thinking?
40Along Came a Spider
41Sowing the Seas of Evil
42Hogday Afternoon (1)
43Hogday Afternoon (2)
SpecialLord Zedd's Monster Heads
SpecialThe Good, the Bad, and the Stupid: The Misadventures of Bulk and Skull
SpecialMighty Morphin Power Rangers Live: The World Tour