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Power Rangers Season 6 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1From Out of Nowhere (1)
2From Out of Nowhere (2)
3Save Our Ship
4Shell Shocked
5Never Stop Searching
6Satellite Search
7A Ranger Among Thieves
8When Push Comes to Shove
9The Craterite Invasion
10The Wasp with a Heart
11The Delta Discovery
12The Great Evilyzer
13Grandma Matchmaker
14The Barillian Sting
15T.J.'s Identity Crisis
16Flashes of Darkonda
17The Rangers' Mega Voyage
18True Blue to the Rescue
19Invasion of the Body Switcher
20Survival of the Silver
21Red with Envy
22The Silver Secret
23A Date with Danger
24Zhane's Destiny
25Always a Chance
26The Secret of the Locket
27Astronema Thinks Twice
28The Rangers' Leap of Faith
29Dark Specter's Revenge (1)
30Dark Specter's Revenge (2)
31Rangers Gone Psycho
32Carlos on Call
33A Rift in the Rangers
34Five of a Kind
35Silence Is Golden
36The Enemy Within
37Andros and the Stowaway
38Mission to Secret City
39Ghosts in the Machine
40The Impenetrable Web
41A Line in the Sand
42Countdown to Destruction (1)
43Countdown to Destruction (2)
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