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Power Rangers Season 9 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Force from the Future (1)
2Force from the Future (2)
3Something to Fight For
4Ransik Lives
5A Blue Streak
6A Parting of Ways
8Jen's Revenge
9The Time Shadow
10Future Unknown
11Uniquely Trip
12Worlds Apart
13The Quantum Quest
14Clash for Control (1)
15Clash for Control (2)
16Bodyguard in Blue
17The Legend of the Clock Tower
18Trust and Triumph
19Trip Takes a Stand
20Quantum Secrets
21Lovestruck Rangers
22The Last Race
23Full Exposure
24Movie Madness (1)
25Movie Madness (2)
26Time Force Traitor
27Frax's Fury
28Dawn of Destiny
29Fight Against Fate
30Destiny Defeated
31Undercover Rangers
32Beware the Knight
33Time for Lightspeed
34Reflections of Evil
35Nadira's Dream Date
36Circuit Unsure
37A Calm Before the Storm
38The End of Time (1)
39The End of Time (2)
40The End of Time (3)