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Princess Sissi Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Sissi Gets Her Way
2The Unexpected Guests
3An Imperial Surprise
4Possi's Little Thief
5Helena the Terrible
6Time to Say Good-bye
7Taking Chances
8An Unusual Woodsman
9Arkas Gets His Revenge
10The Innsbruck Kiss
11The Parents Refuse
12A Letter from Franz
13The Engagement Ball
14Missed Reunions
15First Steps in the Royal Court
16A Gilded Cage
17The Zaniouchka Circus
18The Mirror's Secret
19An Eventful Christmas
20The Fortress
21Running Against Time
22Lovers' Tif
23They've Stolen Tempest
24A Well-deserved Victory
25Danger at the Prater
26Sissi and Franz Keep Their Promises
27The Tiara is Gone
28The Opera Caper
29Sissi's Sacrifice
30Hooray Erzsebet!
32Good-bye Budapest
33Possi Must Be Saved
34Sissi and the Apaches
35Hard Times
36The Mysterious Horsewoman
37Hide and Seek at Schönbrunn
38The Great Chase
39Confessions in Venice
40Ahriman Island
41The Shipwreck
42Arkas' Prisoners
43Private Sissi
44Sissi in the Eye of the Storm
45The Three Pigeons
46Be Careful Princess
47Tommy's Mystery
48Arkas Never Gives Up
49Dr. Fritz's Elixer
50Prince Fritz
51The Double-Crossed Game
52The Triumph of Love