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The main character, Olga Sawicka, struggles with the demons of the past - traumatic experiences that prevent her from experiencing peace after her husband's death and start working on another novel. Looking for inspiration, she goes to a TV reportage. Zuza, one of the children in the orphanage, disappeared. Intrigued by the subject, the writer decides to visit the institution under the pretext of a copyright meeting. Her attention is drawn by Ewa - a sensitive girl persecuted by her peers, who doesn't know anything about her own past. To find out more about an intriguing teenager, Olga decides to ask a friendly policewoman, Justyna, for help. This triggers a real avalanche of accidents ...

Sawicka finds herself in the middle of a crime mystery, which turns out to be as complicated as the ones she described in her books. Soon the writer will find out that the orphanage hides many dark secrets, and the pupils and educators are reluctant to reveal what is happening behind the closed doors of the institution. Meeting with Ewa will cause that Olga will become entangled in a deadly dangerous investigation related to the mystery from years ago ...

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TVN, Poland




45 min.




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