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Puzzle & Dragons Cross Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Drop Impact
3Operation Tamazo-Rescue
4Dragoza Island
5Soul Armor
6Mapple Tree
7The Path to Guild Dragon Caller
8King's Footsteps
9A Man from Geyser
10Ancient of Fire, Eldora
11Wood City Libria
12The New Ancient
13Guild Dragon Caller's Exam
14Ace Returns
15Entetsu's Soul
16Charo and the Haunted Forest
17White Dragon
18The Promise in the Darkness
19The Secret of Drops
20Tiger's Tough Time
21E-mail from Ace
22Our Youthful Valkyrie
23Breaking Into SDF's Secret Base
24The One Protected by Gods
25Nightmare in Light City
26Surviving the Storm
27Battle Cup Begins
28Soul Brave Activated
29Valkyrie Awakens
30Our Friendship Battle
31Dragon Caller of Light and Dark
32Twin's Memories
33Appalling! Kroell's Whip
34The Strongest of All Dragon Callers
35Ace vs Sturgeon
36Battle! Ace vs Lance
37Intense Battle! Lance vs Ace
38The Last Decisive Battle
39Their Separate Ways
40A New Threat
41The Stolen Egg Drop
42Pride of Libria
43The Shadow Attacking Zelemony
44Challenge from the Darkness
45Protect Exscion
46The Crack in the Round Table
47Angene's Wish
48Dragon's Graveyard
49God's Fort
50The Dragonoid's Village, Stella
51The Two Dragons
52Under the Three Moons
53Grand Battle Cup Opening Ceremony!
54Stella's Secret
55Mysterious Dragon Callers
56Mission of God
57Fierce Battle Against the Darkness
58The Days in Libria
59Fragment of the Star
60The Revealed Secret
61Ace's Final Showdown
62Lance’s Roar
63Jest's Ambition
64The Savoir
65Travel Destinations with Tamatama
66Stella Awakens
67Pure Light Sun Deity
68Golden Wings
70Future of Crocus
71Beast Academy SOS
72Angry Tiger
73Episode 73
74Episode 74
75Episode 75
76Episode 76
77Episode 77
78Episode 78
79Episode 79
80Episode 80
81Episode 81
82Episode 82
83Episode 83
84Episode 84
85Episode 85
86Episode 86
87Episode 87
88Episode 88
89Episode 89