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A group of FBI recruits undergo intense training at Quantico base in Virginia, where one of them turns out to be a sleeper terrorist.

The show follows the recruits' journey as they battle their way through training, while trying to uncover the identity of the terrorist responsible for a devastating attack on U.S. soil.

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45 min.




3.66/5 (149 ratings)

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as Ryan Booth
as Shelby Wyatt
as Alex Parrish
as Miranda Shaw
as Raina Amin
as Nimah Amin
as Owen Hall
as Harry Doyle
as Caleb Haas


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
colinsp said:
I gave up early on in season 3, just seems to have lost its way from the original premise.

Ok. Interesting.
by posted
I still watch it but currently 7-13 from s3 are on the backlog...
by posted
I gave up early on in season 3, just seems to have lost its way from the original premise.
by posted
Any of you guys keep watching? I stopped after the first season, and was really on the fence about whether or not to continue. Something just felt.. off somehow, and I see in this thread that others agreed.
Now there have been two more, and it's finally been cancelled or ended.

If anyone out there actually continued the series, does this "offness" somehow get better? Are the latter two series worth pushing other (better?) series aside to actually finish it and see the final conclusion and (I expect) get all the answers that are obviously missing at the end of season 1?
I don't watch that many TV series a year, so I've been culling quite a bit lately.
by posted
Yeah, all the shark jumping does start to become an unwelcome distraction
by posted
At some point (very early), it stops being believable (if it ever was). I'll stick around a bit but I watch uninterestingly.
by posted
removed from auto-dl, something doesnt click. will watch the rest of the eps later when season is finished.
by posted
I'm appreciating this show. But I do agree with the comments that they are trying too hard to make everyone a suspect. Mark my words; in the end, it will be the one person we suspect the least. And that'll be when I stop watching this show. We need to be able to deduct whose the bad guy from watching the show, otherwise it's no fun. All the personal stories are just not realistic enough, so an insane plot twist is the only logical 'escape' for the writers. But perhaps I'm wrong and it will get more interesting as time goes by. The first thing that needs to happen is that more characters need to become more trustworthy. It's way more fun to trust people than to suspect them of horrible things...
by posted
Meh, too flashy and stupid.
by posted
Mass said:
I'm struggling to enjoy this, they purposely set every person up to be a potential terrorist. Feels like everyone who is trying to join the FBI has a secret agenda, none of them are actually there just to become an FBI agent.

It's annoying as hell, chances are they are going to reveal the whitest non threatening person to be the actual terrorist at the end with some kind of, 'don't assume someone is a terrorist because of the way they look' message.

I hope they don't do the 'I'm an all American white guy, who is an a extremist terrorist' to avoid offending people.

Yeah, but isn't that the point of the show. They all have secrets that seem suspicious but probably not to the point of terrorism. And what's wrong with the terrorist being written as a white American? Or we should automatically choose between the Muslim or the Indian-American females in the cast?