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Show Name Date Requested Status
I Can See Your Voice (UK) 2021-04-11 Added
Game of Talents (UK) 2021-04-11 Added
Bishōnen Tanteidan 2021-04-10 Added
Death Walker 2021-04-10 Added
Gutfeld! 2021-04-09 Added
Blue Reflection Ray 2021-04-09 Added
The World Ends With You: The Animation 2021-04-09 Added
BTS In the SOOP 2021-04-09 Added
Speravo de morì prima 2021-04-08 Added
Jon Stewart Current Affairs Series 2021-04-08 Added
old-ish 2021-04-07 Added
Paranormal Home Inspectors 2021-04-07 Added
Super Cub 2021-04-07 Added
a gURLs wURLd 2021-04-07 Added
Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu 2021-04-06 Added
Spy City 2021-04-07 Added
Alice in Deadly School 2021-04-06 Added
Bert (2021) 2021-04-06 Added
Wildest Europe 2021-04-06 Added
Oddtaxi 2021-04-06 Added
Den store juniorbagedyst 2021-04-05 Added
Wild Republic 2021-04-05 Added
Kirmizi Kamyon 2021-04-05 Rejected: added
Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu 2021-04-05 Rejected: invalid link
Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress 2021-04-04 Added
Those Snow White Notes 2021-04-04 Rejected: added
It's Clarkson on TV 2021-04-04 Added
Q-Force 2021-04-04 Added
Cops Reloaded 2021-04-03 Added
Bakuten!! 2021-04-02 Added
Intruder 2021-04-01 Added
The Laundry Guy 2021-04-01 Added
Kirmizi Kamyon 2021-04-01 Added
Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time 2021-03-31 Added
Taqdeer 2021-03-31 Added
Julia 2021-03-31 Added
Robi 2021-03-31 Rejected: Already available here: Combatants Will Be Dispatched!
The '90s Greatest 2021-03-31 Added
Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood 2021-03-30 Rejected: Already available here: Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood
La seleccion 2021-03-30 Added
Invisible Heroes 2021-03-30 Added
Mars Red 2021-03-30 Rejected: added
The Sweet Blood 2021-03-30 Added
AEW Dark: Elevation 2021-03-29 Added
Mars Red 2021-03-29 Added
Handsome Siblings 2021-03-29 Added
Shadows House 2021-03-28 Rejected: added
Beef 2021-03-28 Added
Pokemon: Journeys 2021-03-28 Added
Agathe Koltès 2021-03-27 Added
Project 9191 2021-03-27 Added
86 2021-03-27 Added
Shadows House 2021-03-27 Added
American Auto 2021-03-26 Added
Rock Solid Builds 2021-03-26 Added
OK Computer 2021-03-26 Added
FBI: International 2021-03-25 Rejected: added
Jattekiva 2021-03-25 Added
Corleone: A History of La Cosa Nostra 2021-03-24 Added
The Staircase 2021-04-05 Added
Pooch Perfect (US) 2021-04-05 Added
American Cartel 2021-04-05 Added
Ancient Engineering 2021-04-04 Added
Moment of Truth (2021) 2021-04-04 Added
Idiot 2021-04-04 Added
Lost Secrets Of The Pyramid 2021-04-03 Added
CNN Special Report 2021-03-28 Added
Magic for Humans Spain 2021-03-25 Added
54 Days 2021-02-03 Added
Der Usedom-Krimi 2021-02-01 Added
I Know What You Did Last Summer 2021-01-27 Added
Mashiro no Oto 2021-03-29 Added
Il Commissario Ricciardi 2021-04-05 Added
Teenage Euthanasia 2021-04-05 Added
Travel Guides New Zealand 2021-04-05 Added
The Yorkshire Auction House 2021-04-05 Added
Dragon Goes House Hunting 2021-04-04 Added
Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor 2021-03-29 Added
Produce 48 2021-04-04 Added
Two Guys Garage 2021-04-04 Added
Udda Veckor 2021-04-04 Added
Silk (2021) 2021-04-04 Added
World's Most Scenic River Journeys 2021-04-03 Added
Haunted: Latin America 2021-04-02 Added
Blue Planet UK 2021-04-02 Added
Echo 2021-04-02 Added
Legacy List with Matt Paxton 2021-04-03 Added
Judge Dredd: Mega City One 2021-04-02 Added
The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2021-03-31 Added
Worn Stories 2021-04-02 Added
Expedition Deep Ocean 2021-04-02 Added
Secrets of the Transport Museum 2021-04-01 Added
Australia in Colour 2021-04-01 Added
iCarly (2021) 2021-04-02 Added
Strangers Making Babies 2021-03-27 Added
Hall of Flame: Top 100 Comedy Central Roast Moments 2021-03-31 Added
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song 2021-03-31 Added
Ziwe 2021-03-31 Added
Living with Hitler 2021-03-31 Added
Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood 2021-03-30 Added
Couples Retreat 2021-03-31 Added
Zootopia+ 2021-03-30 Added
Baymax! 2021-03-30 Added
Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House 2021-03-30 Added
Britain's Tiger Kings - On the Trail with Ross Kemp 2021-03-30 Added
WWE Icons 2021-03-30 Added
In Deep 2021-03-29 Added
The Surrogates 2021-03-29 Added
Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil 2021-03-24 Added
Screw 2021-03-24 Added
Operation Awesome 2021-03-02 Added
Der Passau-Krimi 2021-02-01 Added
Beautiful Minds 2021-01-31 Added
Whitstable Pearl 2021-01-27 Added
Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG is Even Shittier than Real Life! 2021-03-29 Added
Koikimo 2021-03-29 Added
Burning Kabaddi 2021-03-28 Added
This Is a Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist 2021-03-27 Added
The Wedding Coach 2021-03-27 Added
Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant 2021-03-27 Added
The High Life 2021-03-27 Added
Churchill 2021-03-27 Added
Saved and Remade 2021-03-27 Added
Rhodes To The Top 2021-03-27 Added
Children Ruin Everything 2021-03-26 Added
The Summoner 2021-03-26 Added
The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime 2021-03-25 Added
This is My House 2021-03-25 Added
FBI: International 2021-03-24 Added
Katla 2021-03-24 Added
Winner is King 2021-03-24 Added
Immortality (2021) 2021-03-24 Added
Thousand Autumns 2021-03-24 Added
Word of Honor 2021-03-24 Added
Watt On Earth 2021-03-24 Added
Titanic: Stories from the Deep 2021-03-23 Added
Linnea Quigley's Paranormal Truth 2021-03-23 Added
Joe Pickett 2021-03-23 Added
Three Blue Ducks 2021-03-21 Added
Bear Grylls Wild Adventure 2021-03-17 Rejected: added
Love JAction 2021-03-16 Added
Blood Ivory 2021-03-16 Added
The World Ends with You The Animation 2021-03-15 Rejected: Can you please provide a description in English for this show as I wasn't able to find one?
Twist of Fate 2021-03-13 Added
Hemingway (2021) 2021-03-06 Added
Exterminate All the Brutes 2021-03-06 Added
Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 3: The Real Untold Story of Josephine Bracken 2021-03-02 Added
6666 2021-03-02 Added
River Where The Moon Rises 2021-02-23 Added
Inspiring Generation 2021-02-18 Added
Because It's the First Time 2021-02-18 Added
Modern Farmer 2021-02-18 Added
Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog's Time 2021-02-18 Added
Dear My Friends 2021-02-18 Added
Celestial Method 2021-01-18 Added
I Love the New Millennium 2021-01-14 Added
The Invisible Man (2005) 2021-01-04 Added
Creedon's Atlas of Ireland 2021-03-24 Added
Chef Boot Camp 2021-03-21 Added
Snabba Cash 2021-03-09 Added
Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case 2021-03-09 Added
The Deadly Type With Candice DeLong 2021-03-09 Added
Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! 2021-03-02 Added
Backyard Bar Wars 2021-03-02 Added
Breaking Bobby Bones 2021-03-02 Added
Nevenka: Breaking the Silence 2021-03-09 Added
Chopped Challenge: At Home 2021-02-12 Added
Love Scene Number 2021-02-05 Rejected: 404 on
High School Mystery Club 2021-02-04 Added
Secrets of the Stone Age 2021-01-26 Added
The Harper House 2021-01-25 Added
Middlemost Post 2021-01-25 Added
Sharkdog 2021-01-25 Added
Animal Embassy 2021-01-21 Added
James Patterson's Till Murder Do Us Part 2021-01-21 Added
The Wild Life of Dr. Ole 2021-01-21 Rejected: added
Robson Green: Walking Coast to Coast 2021-01-16 Rejected: added
The Moment of Proof 2021-01-16 Rejected: 404 on
Buried Secrets of the Bible With Albert Lin 2021-01-16 Added
UFO Witness 2021-01-11 Rejected: added
Navillera 2021-03-22 Added
Dude 2021-03-22 Added
Morton & Hayes 2021-03-21 Added
Everything But the House 2021-03-21 Added
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 2021-03-20 Added
Hello? It's Me! 2021-03-19 Added
I Got Lucky: Survival Stories 2021-03-19 Added
Have You Been Paying Attention? (NZ) 2021-03-18 Added
The Pole 2021-03-18 Rejected: added
Bear Grylls Wild Adventure 2021-03-17 Added
Arn: The Knight Templar 2021-03-17 Added
Dragons' Den: Best Ever Pitches 2021-03-16 Added
Pretty Dirty Secrets 2021-03-15 Added
Tokyo Revengers 2021-03-15 Added
Zero 2021-03-06 Added
Ragdoll 2021-02-23 Added
Magic Cellphone 2021-02-15 Added
The Langoliers 2021-02-10 Added
The Cult of The Family 2021-02-07 Added
PariWar 2021-01-16 Added

Pending Requests:
Show Name Date Requested Status
Taskmaster Champion Of Champions 2021-04-11 Pending
Knutby: I blind tro 2021-04-11 Pending
Sort Your Life Out 2021-04-11 Pending
Islands of Wonder 2021-04-10 Pending
Fairy Ranmaru 2021-04-10 Pending
Let's Make a Mug Too 2021-04-10 Pending
sell your haunted house 2021-04-10 Pending
taxi driver 2021-04-10 Pending
oh my ladylord! 2021-04-10 Pending
Scotland's Home of the Year 2021-04-09 Pending
Gameboys 2021-04-09 Pending
Fairy Ranmaru 2021-04-08 Pending
Springtime on the Farm 2021-04-07 Pending
Jeet Ki Zid 2021-04-07 Pending
AYO AND RACHEL ARE SINGLE 2021-04-07 Pending
Hi HI Puffy AmiYumi 2021-04-07 Pending
Expedition Antarctica 2021-04-06 Pending
Let’s Make A Mug Too 2021-04-06 Pending
Super Club 2021-04-06 Pending
The Saints Magic Power Is Omnipotent 2021-04-06 Pending
Anne+ 2021-04-06 Pending
Monzon: A Knockout Blow 2021-04-05 Pending
The Worlds Most Dangerous Borders 2021-04-04 Pending
Wahl Street 2021-04-02 Pending
Home Town Takeover 2021-04-02 Pending
Sexify 2021-04-01 Pending
Mastermind of Murder 2021-04-01 Pending
Murders at the Boarding House 2021-04-01 Pending
Bargain Block 2021-04-01 Pending
Living with a Serial Killer 2021-04-01 Pending
Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs 2021-04-01 Pending
KBV - Keine besonderen Vorkommnisse 2021-03-31 Pending
Carter Country 2021-03-31 Pending
Cover Up 2021-03-31 Pending
The 2000's: The Decade We Saw It All 2021-03-31 Pending
Secrets of the Supercars 2021-03-30 Pending
Pray, Obey, Kill 2021-03-26 Pending
Norm Macdonald Live 2021-03-26 Pending
Bargain Block 2021-03-25 Pending
Pig Royalty 2021-03-25 Pending
Wildlife Icons 2021-03-21 Pending
Beacon 23 2021-03-17 Pending
The Devils Hour 2021-03-15 Pending
One Piece 2021-03-15 Pending
Das Hausboot 2021-03-14 Pending
The Talisman 2021-03-08 Pending
The Pet Rescuers 2021-03-08 Pending
The Deadly Type With Candice DeLong 2021-03-07 Pending
Baroque - From St Peter's to St Paul's 2021-03-05 Pending
National Parks 2021-03-02 Pending
The Girl Before 2021-03-02 Pending
Attenborough's Life in Colour 2021-03-01 Pending
Kate Humble's Coastal Britain 2021-02-28 Pending
The Serpent Queen 2021-02-27 Pending
V.C. Andrews' Landry Family 2021-02-27 Pending
Ancient Yellowstone 2021-02-27 Pending
Die Piefke-Saga 2021-02-26 Pending
Land Man 2021-02-25 Pending
The Cleaner 2021-02-22 Pending
Wednesday 2021-02-18 Pending
Wild Cats Of India 2021-02-18 Pending
The Slow Mo Guys 2021-02-16 Pending
Shoreline Detectives 2021-02-14 Pending
Hausen 2021-02-11 Pending
Sherwood 2021-02-05 Pending
KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst 2021-02-05 Pending
Spreewaldkrimi 2021-02-05 Pending
Europe's New Wild 2021-02-04 Pending
Greatest Hits of the 70's 2021-02-04 Pending
Der Masuren-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending
Der Irland-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending
Der Prag-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending
Der Athen-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending
Der Island-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending
Der Urbino-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending
Der Barcelona-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending
Der Lissabon-Krimi 2021-02-01 Pending