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Show Name Date Requested Status
Momma Named Me Sheriff 2019-12-14 Added
Motyw 2019-12-14 Added
Cowboys in Tall Grass 2019-12-14 Added
Merli: Sapere Aude 2019-12-14 Added
Code 8 2019-12-13 Added
Spies of War 2019-12-13 Added
Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show 2019-12-13 Added
Hoarders (2019) 2019-12-13 Added
Three Days of Christmas 2019-12-12 Added
The Sweeney 2019-12-13 Added
Fastest Cars in the Dirty South 2019-12-12 Added
Interspecies Reviewers 2019-12-12 Added
The Manageress 2019-12-12 Added
Gormenghast 2019-12-10 Added
Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Broken Skull Sessions 2019-12-10 Added
Plunderer 2019-12-10 Added
The Dead Lands 2019-12-09 Added
Crisis on Infinite Earths 2019-12-09 Added
Richard Hammond's BIG! 2019-12-09 Added
The Letter For The King 2019-12-09 Added
James May: Our Man in... Japan 2019-12-09 Added
Green Arrow and the Canaries 2019-12-08 Added
Fred til Lands 2019-12-08 Added
Make My Home Bigger 2019-12-08 Added
Guy Martin's Great Escape 2019-12-08 Added
Angels of the North 2019-12-07 Added
Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool 2019-12-07 Added
Cleopatra in Space 2019-12-06 Added
Atiye 2019-12-06 Rejected: No or link
Buy It Now for Christmas 2019-12-05 Added
Home for Christmas 2019-12-05 Rejected: Already available here: Home for Christmas
Roadkill Garage 2019-12-04 Added
Foodie Love 2019-12-04 Added
True Cooking Master Boy 2019-12-04 Added
Expeditionen 2019-12-04 Added
30 Coins 2019-12-03 Added
The Sleepers 2019-12-03 Added
El vecino 2019-12-03 Added
Retro Tech 2019-12-02 Added
Pezzi Unici 2019-11-23 Added
Super Seisyun Brothers 2019-10-11 Added
Secret 2019-08-27 Added
Deputy 2019-05-14 Rejected: Already available here: Deputy
The New Woody Woodpecker Show 2019-01-01 Added
Introverted Boss 2017-04-17 Rejected: Already available here: Introverted Boss
Missing or Murdered 2019-12-09 Added
Meet the Romans with Mary Beard 2019-12-08 Added
Yorkshire Walks 2019-12-08 Added
British Police: Our Toughest Cases 2019-12-08 Added
College Behind Bars 2019-12-07 Added
The RVers 2019-12-07 Added
Pet Vet Dream Team 2019-12-07 Added
Infestation 2019-12-07 Added
Indian Hill Railways 2019-12-07 Added
Siren (2015) 2019-12-09 Added
Alaska PD 2019-12-08 Added
Oxford Street 24/7 2019-12-07 Added
Des 2019-12-07 Added
Showtrial 2019-12-06 Added
Man Vs Bear 2019-12-05 Added
One Day at Disney 2019-12-07 Added
Home for Christmas 2019-12-05 Added
JourneyQuest 2019-12-05 Added
Spy Games 2019-12-05 Added
Evel 2019-12-04 Added
Dudullu Postasi 2019-12-04 Added
Broken (2019) 2019-12-04 Added
De 12 van Schouwendam 2019-12-04 Added
Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways 2019-12-04 Added
Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On 2019-12-03 Added
The Interrogator 2019-12-03 Added
Homicide City: Charlotte 2019-12-03 Added
An Unexpected Killer 2019-12-03 Added
Exploring Quantum History With Brian Greene 2019-12-03 Added
Jul i Blodfjell 2019-12-02 Added
Hellums Diner 2019-12-02 Rejected: Please provide a description for this show in English as I wasn't able to find one.
Gogol 2019-12-01 Added
Escape to the Perfect Town 2019-12-01 Added
From Russia to Iran: Crossing Wild Frontiers 2019-11-30 Rejected: Already available here: From Russia to Iran: Crossing the Wild Frontier
Outrageous Holiday Houses 2019-11-29 Added
The Movies That Made Us 2019-11-29 Rejected: Already available here: The Movies That Made Us
Find My Past 2019-11-29 Added
Lifetime Christmas Movies 2019-11-29 Added
My Grandparents War 2019-11-29 Rejected: Already available here: My Grandparents' War
The Movies That Made Us 2019-11-29 Rejected: Already available here: The Movies That Made Us
The Duck Factory 2019-11-29 Added
Santa's Baking Blizzard 2019-11-28 Rejected: Already available here: Santa's Baking Blizzard
Satellite City 2019-11-28 Added
Tabu de Jon Sistiaga 2019-11-26 Added
ETA, el final del silencio 2019-11-26 Added
Kayip 2019-11-26 Added
200 First Dates 2019-11-25 Added
The State of It 2019-11-23 Added
Oltre la soglia 2019-11-23 Added
Galilei Donna 2019-10-11 Rejected: Already available here: Galilei Donna
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency 2019-08-27 Rejected: Already available here: Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency
9-1-1: Lone Star 2019-05-14 Rejected: Already available here: 9-1-1: Lone Star
Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy 2019-01-01 Added
America's Top Dog 2019-12-02 Added
Vikings: Valhalla 2019-12-02 Added
The Hit List 2019-12-01 Added
The Last Wave 2019-12-01 Added
Santa's Baking Blizzard 2019-12-01 Added
Salisbury 2019-12-01 Added
Cooking on High 2019-11-30 Added
Ladhood 2019-11-30 Added
Chateau Meiland 2019-11-30 Added
Only Foals And Horses 2019-11-30 Added
They Shall Not Grow Old 2019-11-30 Rejected: It's a movie available in the Movies section.
Party of Five (2020) 2019-11-29 Added
The Movies That Made Us 2019-11-29 Added
My Grandparents' War 2019-11-28 Added
Superman & Lois 2019-11-29 Added
6 underground 2019-11-29 Rejected: This seems to be a movie - available in the Movies section.
Alloo bij 2019-11-28 Added
Ali G in da USAiii 2019-11-28 Added
Wales: Land of the Wild 2019-11-28 Added
El Club 2019-11-28 Added
The Crime 2019-11-28 Added
A Very Yorkshire Brothel 2019-11-28 Added
The Aeronauts 2019-11-28 Rejected: This is a movie - available in the Movies section.
The Andrew Neil Interviews 2019-11-27 Added
Bigger 2019-11-26 Added
Holocaust 2019-11-26 Added
What Makes a Murderer 2019-11-26 Added
Wrap Battle 2019-11-25 Added
Face to Face 2019-11-25 Added
Ninguem Ta Olhando 2019-11-25 Added
Sugar Rush Christmas 2019-11-24 Added
Al Murray's Great British Pub Quiz 2019-11-24 Added
The World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys 2019-11-24 Added
Gino's Italian Express 2019-11-23 Added
Vida perfecta 2019-11-23 Added
Arcane 2019-11-23 Added
Il Processo 2019-11-23 Added
Steven Universe Future 2019-11-22 Added
Our Guy in Japan 2019-11-20 Added
White Boys 2019-11-19 Added
Maradona in Mexico 2019-11-19 Added
sandra brown's white hot 2019-11-19 Rejected: this seems to be a movie and is available in the movies section
Save Well, Spend Better 2019-11-18 Added
The Cockfields 2019-11-18 Rejected: Already available here: The Cockfields
Dome x Kano 2019-10-11 Rejected: Already available here: Domestic Girlfriend
Chocolate 2019-08-27 Added
Tommy 2019-05-13 Rejected: Already available here: Tommy
Transformers: Cyber Missions 2019-01-01 Added
Pocket Monsters (2019) 2019-11-25 Added
Paranoia (2019) 2019-11-25 Added
Kurulus: Osman 2019-11-25 Added
10 Steps to Murder 2019-11-25 Added
Ancient Oceans 2019-11-25 Added
Stargate: Infinity 2019-11-24 Added
Pet Shop of Horrors 2019-11-24 Added
Mighty Ducks 2019-11-24 Added
Invincible 2019-11-24 Added
Danna ga Nani wo Itteru ka Wakaranai Ken 2019-11-24 Added
Bonkers 2019-11-24 Added
Who Killed Little Gregory? 2019-11-24 Added
Santos Dumont 2019-11-24 Added
Inventing Anna 2019-11-24 Added
Season of Love 2019-11-23 Added
Almost Paradise 2019-11-23 Added
Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan 2019-11-23 Added
Holiday Secrets 2019-11-23 Added
Narcoworld: Dope Stories 2019-11-23 Added
Shadow 2019-11-22 Rejected: Search for Shadow 2018 in the Movies section
Azize 2019-11-22 Added
Criminal Investigation: Brazil 2019-11-22 Added
A World of Worlds 2019-11-22 Added
Roman Mysteries 2019-11-22 Added
Strange Events 2019-11-22 Added
Taskmaster (NO) 2019-11-21 Added
Africa's Deadliest 2019-11-21 Added
Britain in Colour 2019-11-21 Added
The Mallorca Files 2019-11-21 Added
Christmas Cookie Matchup 2019-11-21 Added
The Confession Killer 2019-11-21 Added
Astronomy Club 2019-11-20 Added
Hometown Horror 2019-11-20 Added
Strange Adventures 2019-10-30 Added
Green Lantern 2019-10-30 Added
I'm With The Band: Nasty Cherry 2019-11-20 Added
The Explosion Show 2019-11-20 Added
Tales From The Pub 2019-11-20 Added
Kandagawa Jet Girls 2019-11-19 Added
Daisy Jones & The Six 2019-11-19 Added
The Courtship of Eddie's Father 2019-11-19 Added
Bauhaus - A New Era 2019-11-19 Added
Cold Call 2019-11-19 Added
Justice: Qalb Al Adala 2019-11-19 Added
Macy's Thanksgiving Cake Spectacular 2019-11-18 Added
HIStory3: Make Our Days Count 2019-11-17 Added
The Strange Chores 2019-11-17 Added
Robins 2019-11-17 Added
Malaka 2019-11-16 Added
Benim Adim Melek 2019-11-15 Added
Red Ruby 2019-11-13 Rejected: Already available here: Red Ruby
Unexplained and Unexplored 2019-11-13 Added
The Cockfields 2019-11-12 Added
Diary of a Female President 2019-11-05 Added

Pending Requests:
Show Name Date Requested Status
DIY le donnie 2019-12-14 Pending
Best Bugs Forever 2019-12-14 Pending
A Destructive God Sits Next to Me 2019-12-14 Pending
Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 2019-12-14 Pending
Somali and the Forest Spirit 2019-12-14 Pending
I do not want pain, so I would like to focus on Defense 2019-12-14 Pending
Infinite Dendrogram 2019-12-14 Pending
In/Spectre 2019-12-14 Pending
Science has fallen in love, so we tried to prove it 2019-12-14 Pending
In/Spectre 2019-12-13 Pending
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2019-12-13 Pending
drifting dragons 2019-12-13 Pending
Dorohedoro 2019-12-13 Pending
Bluey 2019-12-12 Pending
Border Control Spain 2019-12-10 Pending
Merlí: Sapere Aude 2019-12-09 Pending
Epithet Erased 2019-12-07 Pending
DMZ 2019-12-05 Pending
The Gilded Age 2019-12-05 Pending
White House Plumbers 2019-12-05 Pending
Operations Totems 2019-11-25 Pending
Slow Horses 2019-11-25 Pending
Vikings: Valhalla 2019-11-20 Pending
Yellowjackets 2019-11-20 Pending
Superman & Lois 2019-10-29 Pending
Miss Monochrome 2019-10-11 Pending
The Fugitive 2019-10-09 Pending
61st Street 2019-10-08 Pending
50 States of Fright 2019-10-08 Pending
the walking dead cold storage 2019-10-07 Pending
the walking dead the oath 2019-10-07 Pending
the walking dead red machete 2019-10-07 Pending
the walking dead torn apart 2019-10-07 Pending
invincible 2019-10-07 Pending
super dinosaur 2019-10-07 Pending
BEM (2006) 2019-10-01 Pending
BEM (2011) 2019-10-01 Pending
BEM(1968) 2019-10-01 Pending
Backlash 2019-09-23 Pending
Dark Cargo 2019-09-19 Pending
One of Us Is Lying 2019-09-19 Pending
Y 2019-09-13 Pending
Trackers 2019-09-05 Pending
VIP 2019-08-27 Pending
The Good Lord Bird 2019-08-27 Pending
The Old Man 2019-08-27 Pending
The Banker's Wife 2019-08-27 Pending
Don't Look Deeper 2019-07-17 Pending
Wolves and Villagers 2019-07-17 Pending
pwer stone 2019-07-16 Pending
darkstalkers 2019-07-16 Pending
night warriors darkstalkers revenge 2019-07-16 Pending
The Stranger 2019-07-16 Pending
Lobo 2019-07-16 Pending
The Flight Attendant 2019-07-15 Pending
ghost in the shell: S.A.C. 2045 2019-06-24 Pending
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 2019-05-22 Pending
All Rise 2019-05-16 Pending
woody woodpecker 2018 2019-01-01 Pending
the woody woodpecker show 2019-01-01 Pending