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Show Name Date Submitted Submitted By Actions Status
Symphogear 2019-09-15 santah Added
Alija 2019-09-15 santah Added
Undercover Twins 2019-09-15 santah Added
Danny's House 2019-09-14 santah Added
The Heart of Sergio Ramos 2019-09-14 vampy81 Added
Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs 2019-09-14 singa Added
Rise and Fall of the Spartans 2019-09-13 singa Added
The Misery Index 2019-09-13 santah Added
Japan with Sue Perkins 2019-09-13 santah Added
Motorbike Cops 2019-09-13 BrisCam Added
The Three 2019-09-13 vwshows Added
Work in Progress 2019-09-13 adkres Added
The Pale Horse 2019-09-12 vwshows Added
Red Rose 2019-09-12 vwshows Added
Dracula 2019-09-12 vwshows Added
Because the Night 2019-09-12 vwshows Added
Hairy Bikers: Route 66 2019-09-12 lighton Added
Crime Wave 2019-09-12 santah Added
Back in Very Small Business 2019-09-11 skunkman Added
Adventures in Futureland 2019-09-12 santah Added
History's Mysteries (2006) 2019-09-11 jaegan438 Added
History's Mysteries 2019-09-11 jaegan438 Added
Supermarket Sweep 2019-09-11 amyt92 Added
Darkness: Those Who Kill 2019-09-11 singa Rejected: Already available here: Den som draeber - Fanget af morket
Dark Shadows: Reincarnation 2019-09-10 lighton Added
The North Water 2019-09-11 santah Added
The Mind, Explained 2019-09-10 ddb8 Added
Secret Bridesmaids' Business 2019-09-09 yourself27 Added
Exit (2019) 2019-09-09 hightow Added
My Classmate From Far Far Away 2019-09-09 Kyle Abrahams Added
Wanted Down Under Revisited 2019-09-08 mikejc01 Added
The Family Man 2019-09-07 tonyphilip Added
My Girlfriend is an Alien 2019-09-07 Kyle Abrahams Added
Love & Listings 2019-09-06 Duale1985 Added
Secret Nazi Ruins 2019-09-06 derodave Added
Dickinson 2019-09-05 mlhope Added
!mpossible 2019-09-05 treker68 Added
Train Truckers 2019-09-05 albee Added
Jofiuk 2019-09-04 gabcsi1122 Rejected: Please provide a description in English for this show as I wasn't able to find one.
The Real Prime Suspect 2019-09-04 derodave Added
Fartblinda 2019-08-31 warmwhispers Rejected: Already available here: Fartblinda
The Light (2019) 2019-08-31 helenelizabeth Added
Angel's Last Mission: Love 2019-08-27 Hanna95L Added
Kyousougiga 2019-04-06 purpleremi8 Added
Our Glamorous Time 2019-03-06 kitten14 Added
Loki 2019-02-28 olavab Rejected: Already available here: Marvel's Loki
Fire Emblem 2018-12-31 roselio123 Added
Born to be Wild (2019) 2019-09-10 singa Added
Big Week at the Zoo 2019-09-10 singa Added
I Lived With A Killer 2019-09-10 singa Added
May to December 2019-09-10 santah Added
Archibald's Next Big Thing 2019-09-10 wisefamily2010 Added
ZeroZeroZero 2019-09-10 santah Added
Treasure Island with Bear Grylls 2019-09-09 santah Added
Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends 2019-09-09 santah Added
Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch 2019-09-08 trusstopher Added
Oh My Ghost 2019-09-09 santah Added
Expedition With Steve Backshall 2019-09-08 santah Added
Quiz 2019-09-08 kaybe11 Added
Jerusalem: The Making of a Holy City 2019-09-07 singa Added
Hollywood 2019-09-07 television Added
Tanks - Evolution of a Legend 2019-09-07 Ed_C_NC Added
The World's Most Beautiful Railway 2019-09-08 santah Added
Take Us Home: Leeds United 2019-09-06 vampy81 Added
The Casagrandes 2019-09-06 santah Added
The Secret Teacher 2019-09-06 santah Added
The Crew 2019-09-05 spicerack Added
Trigonometry 2019-09-05 sebkb Added
I Hate Suzy 2019-09-05 paulathomson Added
The Light 2019-09-05 kaybe11 Added
Sticks and Stones 2019-09-05 kaybe11 Added
Geub 2019-09-04 samvde Added
Rise of the Nazis 2019-09-04 jabramoff Rejected: Already available here: Rise of the Nazis
Dog: Impossible 2019-09-04 santah Added
39 and a half weeks 2019-09-04 santah Added
Black Women OWN the Conversation 2019-09-04 santah Added
Valley of the Damned 2019-09-04 santah Added
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 2019-09-03 CrispyRoll Rejected: Already available here: Marvel's Falcon & Winter Soldier
Y 2019-09-03 CrispyRoll Rejected: Already available here: Y: The Last Man
Couples Therapy (2019) 2019-09-03 santah Added
The NFL Show 2019-09-03 santah Added
NFL This Week 2019-09-03 santah Added
Buried Secrets of WWII 2019-09-03 santah Added
Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019) 2019-09-03 santah Added
Doctor John 2019-09-03 santah Added
Duncanville 2019-09-02 Donnamite Added
Godunov 2019-09-02 starryd Added
Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates 2019-09-02 rlo Added
El Juego de las Llaves 2019-09-01 inesserenorocha Added
A House Divided 2019-09-01 Kingsol Added
Fartblinda 2019-09-01 wick3d Added
Sintonia 2019-09-01 senaman Added
Who Dares Wins 2019-08-31 11aliandra18 Added
King's War 2019-08-31 xarcadiax Added
Criminal 2019-08-31 helenelizabeth Rejected: Already available here: Criminal (Netflix)
Heder 2019-08-31 warmwhispers Added
Designated Survivor: 60 Days 2019-08-30 svistos Added
Marianne 2019-08-28 novakry Rejected: added
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 2019-08-28 bibsthecat Rejected: Already available here: Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) 2019-08-27 midoss Added
The Gulf 2019-08-27 Peppie Rejected: Already available here: The Gulf
Marianne 2019-08-27 pzy Added
My Absolute Boyfriend 2019-08-27 Hanna95L Added
The Amazing Race Australia (SEASON 4) 2019-08-27 dmhenri Rejected: resurrected!
The Gulf 2019-08-27 Muckle Rejected: Already available here: The Gulf
The Gulf 2019-08-27 Muckle Rejected: Already available here: The Gulf
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage 2019-04-06 purpleremi8 Added
The Day After We Broke Up 2019-03-06 kitten14 Added
The Right Stuff 2019-02-18 olavab Added
The Plucky Duck Show 2018-12-31 roselio123 Added
Rise of the Nazis 2019-09-03 jabramoff Added
Jamie's Meat-Free Meals 2019-09-03 kaybe11 Added
Yum and Yummer 2019-09-02 lighton Added
Singletown 2019-09-02 amyt92 Added
When TV Goes Horribly Wrong 2019-09-02 ameriplan Added
All Elite Wrestling 2019-09-02 santah Added
Pup Academy 2019-09-02 santah Added
Pure 2019-09-01 lumi Rejected: Already available here: Pure (2018)
B-Daman Crossfire 2019-09-01 santah Added
Ghosted: Love Gone Missing 2019-09-01 santah Added
The Rap Game (UK) 2019-09-01 santah Added
The Rob Rinder Verdict 2019-08-31 Sair Added
Billy Connolly's Great American Trail 2019-08-31 santah Added
Angkor: Land of the Gods 2019-08-30 singa Added
Bondi Vet: Coast to Coast 2019-08-30 singa Added
Growing Up Hip Hop: New York 2019-08-30 lighton Added
China: A New World Order 2019-08-30 santah Added
Dolly Parton's Heartstrings 2019-08-30 santah Added
Der Bestatter 2019-08-30 santah Added
Gina & Chantal 2019-08-29 samvde Added
Monster Ships 2019-08-29 McFLY Added
Cold Case Detective 2019-08-29 singa Added
Blade of the Immortal 2019-08-30 santah Added
Men? 2019-08-30 santah Added
Talks Machina 2019-08-30 santah Added
Skulls and Roses 2019-08-28 santah Added
Marvel's The Offenders 2019-08-28 santah Added
Marvel's Helstrom 2019-08-28 santah Added
Secrets of a Psychopath 2019-08-28 singa Added
Young James Herriot 2019-08-27 singa Added
The Gulf 2019-08-28 CrispyRoll Rejected: added
The Gulf 2019-08-27 gveloz Rejected: added
The Gulf 2019-08-27 jabramoff Rejected: added
Crimes parfaits 2019-08-27 pouhou_FR_NL Added
The Gulf 2019-08-27 pouhou_FR_NL Added
Doctor stone 2019-08-26 Whov11an Rejected: Already available here: Dr. Stone
Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes 2019-08-26 victorm1 Added
Kalp atisi 2019-08-26 Katia_lovely21 Added
Zone of Champions 2019-08-26 kintamayama Added
Business Fish 2019-08-26 StarOkami Added
Green Frontier 2019-08-25 Hemloc Added
Rust Valley Restorers 2019-08-25 JanAndre Rejected: Already available here: Rust Valley Restorers
Endeavor 2019-08-23 JanAndre Added
Just Jordan 2019-08-22 Anneliese271 Added
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note 2019-08-22 BearFan Rejected: Already available here: Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files - Rail Zeppelin Grace note
Hyperdrive 2019-08-22 albee Rejected: Already available here: Hyperdrive (2019)
Hyperdrive 2019-08-22 Raccoon86 Rejected: Already available here: Hyperdrive (2019)
High School Musical The Musical: The Series 2019-08-22 lollies12999999 Rejected: Already available here: High School Musical: The Musical: The Series
Fighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun 2019-08-21 treker68 Added
Psychic Kids 2019-08-21 cybalkan Added
Extreme Engagement 2019-08-21 senaman Added
Happy Jail 2019-08-21 senaman Added
Supermarket Stakeout 2019-08-21 tzuriel Rejected: Already available here: Supermarket Stakeout
Top Gear 2019-08-20 Robb Rejected: Already available here: Top Gear
Cyborg Kuro-Chan 2019-08-20 Satyros Added
Argento Soma 2019-04-06 purpleremi8 Added
God's Gift - 14 Days 2019-03-06 kitten14 Added
Y 2019-02-18 olavab Rejected: invalid series on
road runner show 2018-12-31 roselio123 Rejected: Invalid series on
Come Back, Mister 2017-04-17 demonarkia Added
Hightown 2019-08-27 santah Added
The Murder Tapes 2019-08-27 santah Added
The Lies That Bind 2019-08-26 singa Added
Doktorlar 2019-08-26 santah Added
Face the Beast 2019-08-26 santah Added
Scarborough 2019-08-26 santah Added
1994 2019-08-26 santah Added
Eternals 2019-08-26 santah Added
La Dona 2019-08-26 santah Added
El Secreto de Selena 2019-08-26 santah Added
World Science Festival 2019-08-25 Ed_C_NC Added
Killer Motive 2019-08-25 kaybe11 Added
Big, Small & Deadly 2019-08-24 TeaAndApathy Added
Heartbreak Holiday 2019-08-24 RigaMortis Added
Sam Benedict 2019-08-25 santah Added
Marvel's Ms. Marvel 2019-08-24 santah Added
She-Hulk 2019-08-24 santah Added
Marvel's Moon Knight 2019-08-24 santah Added
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series 2019-08-24 santah Added
Hyperdrive (2019) 2019-08-24 santah Added
The World According to Jeff Goldblum 2019-08-24 santah Added
The Devil You Know (2019) 2019-08-23 singa Added
Roadkill (2019) 2019-08-23 CrispyRoll Added
The Chefs' Brigade 2019-08-23 santah Added
Highway Patrol 2019-08-23 santah Added
Police Ten 7 2019-08-23 santah Added
Nobody saw a thing 2019-08-22 madmix Rejected: Already available here: No One Saw a Thing
Temple 2019-08-22 kittenkong Added
Post My Party 2019-08-21 santah Added
Family Restaurant Rivals 2019-08-21 santah Added