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Show Name Date Requested Status
Fast Foodies 2021-01-25 Added
Confronting a Serial Killer 2021-01-25 Added
Game of Talents 2021-01-25 Added
America's Most Wanted 2021-01-25 Added
3 Caminos 2021-01-24 Added
Black Mafia Family 2021-01-24 Added
50M2 2021-01-23 Added
Yi Nian Yong Heng 2021-01-23 Added
Lessons in Chemistry 2021-01-23 Added
Thonhon Chonlathee 2021-01-23 Added
Paris Police 1900 2021-01-22 Added
Tales of Dunk & Egg 2021-01-22 Added
Cherries Wild 2021-01-21 Added
When Disaster Strikes (2021) 2021-01-21 Added
The Cleaning Lady 2021-01-20 Added
Amar y Vivir 2021-01-19 Added
Welcome to Night Vale 2021-01-19 Added
The Lady and the Dale 2021-01-19 Added
Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable 2021-01-19 Added
Spycraft 2021-01-19 Rejected: Already available here: Spycraft
She Would Never Know 2021-01-19 Added
Death in Bollywood 2021-01-18 Added
I Love the 70s 2021-01-12 Added
Hidden Hands - A Different History of Modernism 2021-01-11 Added
Fishing With John 2021-01-01 Added
Wonder Egg Priority 2020-12-17 Rejected: Already available here: Wonder Egg Priority
Misterjaw 2020-12-01 Added
Bicchoo Ka Khel 2020-11-21 Added
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san 2020-11-18 Added
Playboy Shootout 2021-01-24 Added
Life Below Zero: Northern Territories 2021-01-22 Added
Youn's Kitchen 2021-01-14 Added
All American Stories 2021-01-08 Added
Tenchi Souzou Design-bu 2021-01-06 Rejected: Already available here: Tenchi Souzou Design-bu
CopStories 2021-01-03 Added
Stay Close 2020-12-26 Added
35 Serial Killers the World Wants to Forget 2020-11-25 Rejected: Already available here: 35 Serial Killers the World Wants to Forget
People Puzzler 2021-01-25 Added
Invisible Stories 2021-01-25 Added
Chad 2021-01-24 Added
The Wild Life of Dr. Ole 2021-01-24 Added
Go, Dog. Go! 2021-01-24 Added
Painting with John 2021-01-24 Added
David Lomas Investigates 2021-01-24 Added
The Magic Of The Wild 2021-01-24 Added
Tunna Bla Linjen 2021-01-24 Added
Mocro maffia: komt goed 2021-01-23 Added
Point of View: A Designer Profile 2021-01-23 Added
Growing Floret 2021-01-23 Added
The Chasers Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles 2021-01-23 Added
Kurtlar Vadisi: Pusu 2021-01-22 Added
Kurtlar Vadisi 2021-01-22 Added
The Rev 2021-01-22 Added
Money Flower 2021-01-22 Added
Nazi War Machines: Secrets Uncovered 2021-01-22 Added
Doomsday: The Missing Children 2021-01-22 Added
Food Fantasies 2021-01-21 Added
Mud Mountain Haulers 2021-01-21 Added
Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2021-01-21 Added
Railways of the Great War with Michael Portillo 2021-01-20 Rejected: added
Railways of the Great War 2021-01-20 Added
Spycraft 2021-01-20 Added
Letzter Wille 2021-01-21 Added
Van der Valk (1972) 2021-01-21 Added
World War II in Numbers 2021-01-19 Added
Between Black and Blue 2021-01-18 Added
Man in the Arena: Tom Brady 2021-01-18 Added
Paragon: The Shadow Wars 2021-01-17 Added
Metro Sexual 2021-01-17 Added
Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains 2021-01-17 Rejected: added
On Cinema 2021-01-17 Added
Secrets of the Royal Palaces 2021-01-16 Added
Atop the Fourth Wall 2021-01-16 Added
Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days 2021-01-16 Added
Aquatrope of White Sand 2021-01-16 Added
Farewell, My Dear Cramer 2021-01-16 Added
I-Chu: Halfway Through the Idol 2021-01-15 Added
Oh, Mando! 2021-01-15 Added
A Wartime Christmas 2021-01-15 Added
South Africa with Gregg Wallace 2021-01-15 Added
Ultimate Supercar 2021-01-14 Added
Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains 2021-01-14 Added
Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel 2021-01-14 Rejected: added
WAVE!! - Let's go surfing!! 2021-01-13 Added
Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! 2021-01-13 Rejected: added
Bungou Stray Dogs Wan! 2021-01-13 Added
Akrep 2021-01-12 Added
I Love Toys 2021-01-12 Added
Imawa no Kuni no Alice 2021-01-12 Added
Wan Jie Fa Shen 2021-01-12 Added
Secrets of the Viking Stone 2021-01-12 Added
Paradise Found 2021-01-11 Added
Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater 2020-12-18 Added
Ura Sekai Picnic 2020-12-17 Rejected: Already available here: Urasekai Picnic
I Am Groot 2020-12-11 Rejected: Already available here: I Am Groot
Hoot Kloot 2020-12-01 Added
Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow 2020-11-18 Added
Taish 2020-10-30 Added
The World of Fantasy 2021-01-14 Added
Bloods 2021-01-10 Added
That's My Jam 2021-01-08 Added
Der letzte Wille 2021-01-03 Added
Skate-Leading Stars 2021-01-03 Rejected: Already available here: Skate-Leading Stars
Skywatch 2020-12-26 Added
Anatomy for Beginners 2020-11-25 Added
Belle Collective 2021-01-18 Added
One Deadly Mistake 2021-01-17 Added
The Overview 2021-01-17 Added
Home Is Where The Art Is 2021-01-17 Added
Back to the Rafters 2021-01-16 Added
Aftertaste 2021-01-16 Added
Transcendence 2021-01-16 Added
Long Gone Gulch 2021-01-15 Added
Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel 2021-01-15 Added
And Just Like That... 2021-01-11 Rejected: added
And Just Like That… 2021-01-11 Rejected: added
And Just Like That... 2021-01-15 Added
Onision: In Real Life 2021-01-15 Added
Wonder Egg Priority 2021-01-15 Added
The Rebel Princess 2021-01-14 Added
Bling Empire 2021-01-14 Added
Auto Biography: Racing Legends 2021-01-13 Added
Seduced by Speed 2021-01-13 Added
Aerial Britain 2021-01-13 Added
Empire Games 2021-01-13 Added
London's Greatest Bridges 2021-01-13 Added
God of Desolation 2021-01-12 Added
Halston 2021-01-12 Added
Ty Breaker 2021-01-12 Added
Animal Fight Night 2021-01-12 Added
Jamie's Easy Meals For Every Day 2021-01-11 Added
UFO Witness 2021-01-11 Added
Restoration Road 2021-01-12 Added
Bobby and GIada in Italy 2021-01-11 Added
Murdered by the sea 2021-01-10 Rejected: Already available here: Murder by the Sea
Color Rush 2021-01-09 Added
praeter no kizu 2021-01-09 Rejected: Already available here: Scar on the Praeter
Chaussee d'Amour 2021-01-07 Added
Kuzey Guney 2021-01-07 Added
Three Men Four Wheels 2021-01-07 Added
DeadEndia 2021-01-06 Added
Tandav 2021-01-11 Rejected: added
Undercover.Billionaire.Comeback.City 2021-01-07 Rejected: added
Hortensia Saga 2021-01-06 Rejected: added
Hortensia Saga 2021-01-06 Added
Frozen in Time 2021-01-06 Rejected: Already available here: Frozen in Time
Hükümsüz 2021-01-06 Rejected: Can you please provide a description in English for this show as I wasn't able to find one?
100% Wolf: Legend Of The Moonstone 2021-01-06 Added
Akinci 2021-01-06 Added
Highly Questionable 2021-01-05 Added
Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist 2021-01-05 Added
Marasli 2021-01-05 Added
Rick Stein's Cornwall 2021-01-04 Added
Tandav 2021-01-04 Added
Tenchi Souzou Design-bu 2020-12-17 Rejected: Already available here: Tenchi Souzou Design-bu
Armor Wars 2020-12-11 Rejected: Already available here: Armor Wars
Ihmebantu 2020-12-08 Added
Mr. Magoo (2019) 2020-12-01 Added
Yuru Yuri Sanā˜†Hai! 2020-11-18 Rejected: Already available here: Yuru Yuri
Your Honor (IN) 2020-10-27 Added
The Poisonwood Bible 2021-01-11 Rejected: added
Last Woman on Earth with Sara Pascoe 2021-01-11 Added
And Finally... with Trevor McDonald 2021-01-10 Added
The Rubbish World of Dave Spud 2021-01-10 Added
The Poisonwood Bible 2021-01-08 Added
Die Toten von Salzburg 2021-01-03 Added
My Name Is Lizzie 2020-12-29 Added
Rip Crew 2020-12-25 Added
2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Club 2020-12-13 Rejected: added
Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8 2020-11-24 Added
Pretend It's a City 2021-01-10 Added
For the Love of Jason 2021-01-10 Added
Framed By The Killer 2021-01-10 Added
We moeten eens praten 2021-01-09 Added
Ireland's Fittest Family 2021-01-09 Added
Moment of Proof 2021-01-10 Added
The Cabins 2021-01-09 Added
The Event (2021) 2021-01-09 Added
Susan Calman's Grand Day Out 2021-01-09 Added
Terror Lake Drive 2021-01-09 Added
Uzumaki 2021-01-09 Added
Scar on the Praeter 2021-01-09 Added
2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team 2021-01-08 Added
American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda 2021-01-08 Added
The Lost Kitchen 2021-01-08 Added
Magnolia Presents: A Look Back & A Look Ahead 2021-01-08 Added
The Other Way Strikes Back! 2021-01-08 Added
90 Day Diaries 2021-01-08 Added
90 Day Journey 2021-01-08 Added
90 Day Bares All 2021-01-08 Added
Fixer Upper: Welcome Home 2021-01-08 Added
Kitchen Crash 2021-01-08 Added
Monster Garage 2.0 2021-01-08 Added
Cakealikes 2021-01-08 Added
Frozen in Time 2021-01-08 Added
Accused: A Mother on Trial 2021-01-08 Added
Aerial Spain 2021-01-08 Added
Cornwall and Devon Walks with Julia Bradbury 2021-01-08 Added
Cheetah Family & Me 2021-01-07 Added
De Verhulstjes 2021-01-07 Added

Pending Requests:
Show Name Date Requested Status
Manner of Death 2021-01-26 Pending
QAnon - The Search For Q 2021-01-26 Pending
Sky Rojo 2021-01-26 Pending
Devil May Care 2021-01-25 Pending
The Pole 2021-01-25 Pending
The Harper House 2021-01-25 Pending
Middlemost Post 2021-01-25 Pending
Sharkdog 2021-01-25 Pending
Maya and the Three 2021-01-25 Pending
Angry Birds: Summer Madness 2021-01-25 Pending
Young Love 2021-01-25 Pending
Chip 'n' Dale 2021-01-25 Pending
High Guardian Spice 2021-01-25 Pending
Jodie 2021-01-25 Pending
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal 2021-01-25 Pending
We Baby Bears 2021-01-25 Pending
Mega City Smiths 2021-01-25 Pending
Birdgirl 2021-01-25 Pending
Fairfax 2021-01-25 Pending
Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music 2021-01-25 Pending
A Wild Year On Earth 2021-01-25 Pending
Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve 2021-01-25 Pending
Reunions 2021-01-24 Pending
The Sparrow 2021-01-23 Pending
Providence 2021-01-23 Pending
Vietnam: A Television History 2021-01-23 Pending
Animal Embassy 2021-01-21 Pending
James Patterson's Till Murder Do Us Part 2021-01-21 Pending
The Wild Life of Dr. Ole 2021-01-21 Pending
The Eisen Hour 2021-01-20 Pending
Mary McCartney Serves It Up 2021-01-20 Pending
Home Again with the Fords 2021-01-20 Pending
The Black Tapes 2021-01-20 Pending
Daughter From Another Mother 2021-01-20 Pending
Sora no method 2021-01-18 Pending
Robson Green: Walking Coast to Coast 2021-01-16 Pending
The Moment of Proof 2021-01-16 Pending
Buried Secrets of the Bible With Albert Lin 2021-01-16 Pending
Polt 2021-01-16 Pending
Pariwar 2021-01-16 Pending
Dark 7 White 2021-01-16 Pending
Beyond Evil 2021-01-15 Pending
Times 2021-01-15 Pending
My Little Happiness 2021-01-15 Pending
Sisyphus: The Myth 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love the New Millennium 2021-01-14 Pending
L.U.C.A.: The Beginning 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love The 80s 3-D 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love the 2000s 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love the 90's Part Deux 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love the 90s 2021-01-14 Pending
A Good Supper 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love the 80s Strikes Back 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love the 80s 2021-01-14 Pending
I Love the 70s Volume 2 2021-01-14 Pending
Contact: Magnum Photos 2021-01-13 Pending
Every Picture Tells a Story 2021-01-12 Pending
The Secret History of Writing 2021-01-11 Pending
UFO Witness 2021-01-11 Pending
Out of Egypt 2021-01-11 Pending
Rick Stein's Cornwall 2021-01-09 Pending
Strawberry 100% 2021-01-09 Pending
Jetzt oder nie - Wir packen's an 2021-01-09 Pending
I Survived a Crime 2021-01-08 Pending
Cherries Wild 2021-01-08 Pending
Unseamly: The Investigation of Peter Nygård 2021-01-08 Pending
The Rev 2021-01-08 Pending
The Clown and the Candyman 2021-01-08 Pending
Tohuwabohu 2021-01-08 Pending
Post Mortem with Mick Garris 2021-01-08 Pending
Pregau - Kein Weg zurück 2021-01-07 Pending
In Search of Myths & Heroes 2021-01-07 Pending
Marzi 2021-01-05 Pending
invisible man (2005) 2021-01-04 Pending
invisible man (1984) 2021-01-04 Pending
invisible man (1975) 2021-01-04 Pending
Otona nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakaranee! 2021-01-04 Pending
Dungeon of black company 2021-01-04 Pending
Fate/Grand Carnival 2021-01-03 Pending
Schimanski 2021-01-03 Pending
Sandwiched Forever 2021-01-02 Pending
Shrikant Bashir 2021-01-02 Pending
Man vs Bee 2021-01-01 Pending
Life After Life 2021-01-01 Pending
Half Bad 2021-01-01 Pending
CUCKOO SONG 2021-01-01 Pending
Jack The Ripper: The Definitive Story 2020-12-28 Pending
The Ipcress File 2020-12-27 Pending
Mary Berry Saves Christmas 2020-12-27 Pending
DocLights Documentaries 2020-12-25 Pending
To heart2 2020-12-17 Pending
Gift eternal rainbow 2020-12-17 Pending
Killer Cases 2020-12-05 Pending
republic city hustle 2020-12-02 Pending
alien isolation 2020-12-02 Pending
Biggest Little Christmas Showdown 2020-12-02 Pending
the beary family 2020-12-01 Pending
inspector willoughby 2020-12-01 Pending
carzylegs grane 2020-12-01 Pending
Rasbhari 2020-12-01 Pending
I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home. 2020-11-27 Pending
A Simple Murder 2020-11-22 Pending
Princess resurrection 2020-11-21 Pending