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Show Name Date Requested Status
Tribal 2020-02-27 Added
Making a Monster 2020-02-26 Added
DC Universe All Star Games 2020-02-26 Added
Back with the Ex 2020-02-26 Added
Tower of god 2020-02-26 Added
Love, Victor 2020-02-26 Added
McDonald & Dodds 2020-02-26 Added
Unabomber: In His Own Words 2020-02-26 Added
Backstrom (2020) 2020-02-26 Added
Welcome To Paradox 2020-02-25 Added
High Maintenance (2020) 2020-02-25 Added
The Wild Ones 2020-02-25 Added
Great Chocolate Showdown 2020-02-25 Added
Damian Lewis: Spy Wars 2020-02-25 Added
Cain 2020-02-25 Added
Stellar Transformations - Legend of Immortals season 2 2020-02-24 Rejected: Already available here: Stellar Transformations - Legend of Immortals
When the Weather is Fine 2020-02-23 Added
Babies 2020-02-22 Added
Spoolin' Up With the Debertis 2020-02-22 Added
Faster with Finnegan 2020-02-22 Added
Fire Masters 2020-02-22 Added
Freud 2020-02-21 Rejected: added
Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe 2020-02-20 Added
Be Our Chef 2020-02-20 Added
Glitch Techs 2020-02-19 Added
Harry Redknapp's Sandbanks Summer 2020-02-19 Added
You Are My Destiny 2020-02-18 Added
Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru 2020-02-18 Added
Turner and Hooch 2020-02-18 Added
Freud 2020-02-23 Added
Beat the Box 2020-02-23 Added
Die Beet-Bruder 2020-02-23 Added
Ab in die Ruine 2020-02-23 Added
Ab ins Beet! Die Garten-Soap 2020-02-23 Added
Fish My City With Mike Iacinelli 2020-02-23 Added
Grill den Henssler 2020-02-23 Added
Grill den Profi 2020-02-23 Added
Power Book III : Raising Kanan 2020-02-23 Added
Master Distiller 2020-02-23 Added
The Valhalla Murders 2020-02-23 Added
Hi Bye, Mama! 2020-02-22 Added
Hyena (2020) 2020-02-22 Added
Schlag den Besten 2020-02-22 Added
Schlag den Henssler 2020-02-22 Added
Schlag den Star 2020-02-22 Added
Schlag den Raab 2020-02-22 Added
The Lady Killers 2020-02-22 Added
Haunting in the Heartland 2020-02-22 Added
Murder 24/7 2020-02-21 Added
All Creatures Great and Small (2020) 2020-02-21 Added
Nyrkki 2020-02-21 Added
Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years 2020-02-21 Added
The Dark Ages: An Age of Light 2020-02-21 Added
The Busch Family Brewed 2020-02-21 Added
MasterChef India 2020-02-21 Added
Danger Force 2020-02-21 Added
The War 2020-02-21 Added
Spectros 2020-02-21 Added
The Windsors: Secrets of the Royal Tours 2020-02-21 Added
Almost Never 2020-02-21 Added
The Private Lives of the Tudors 2020-02-21 Added
The Irregulars 2020-02-20 Added
Ramo 2020-02-20 Added
Beef House 2020-02-20 Added
Crash Test World 2020-02-20 Added
Royal History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley 2020-02-19 Added
Dog Squad Puppy School 2020-02-19 Added
Curse of the Bermuda Triangle 2020-02-19 Added
One Mic Stand 2020-02-18 Added
Lost Worlds With Monty Halls and Leo Houlding 2020-02-18 Added
The Watch (2020) 2020-02-18 Added
The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia 2020-02-18 Added
Tournament of Champions 2020-02-18 Added
The Mighty Ducks 2020-02-17 Added
Phantom Lake 2020-02-17 Added
Filthy House SOS 2020-02-17 Added
Justo antes de Cristo 2020-02-16 Added
Why Women Kill 2020-02-16 Rejected: Already available here: Why Women Kill
Funny Women of a Certain Age 2020-02-16 Rejected: 404 error
Hybrid Child 2020-02-15 Added
Miss Scarlet and the Duke 2020-02-15 Added
My New Greek Life 2020-02-15 Added
Healin' Good Pretty Cure 2020-02-15 Added
Hunters (2020) 2020-02-14 Added
Love Is Blind 2020-02-13 Rejected: Already available here: Love Is Blind
Slow Burn 2020-02-13 Rejected: added
Frankie Boyle's Tour of Scotland 2020-02-12 Added
Up and Vanished 2020-02-17 Added
Hasselhoff - a swedish talkshow 2020-02-17 Added
Hot Ones: The Game Show 2020-02-16 Added
Lippes Leselust 2020-02-16 Added
Killer in Plain Sight 2020-02-17 Added
Murder House Flip 2020-02-17 Added
Making it Home with Kortney and Dave 2020-02-17 Added
Hot Market 2020-02-17 Added
Masters of the Universe: Revelation 2020-02-16 Added
The Hairy Biker's Chocolate Challenge 2020-02-16 Added
Slow Burn 2020-02-14 Added
Mountain Gorilla 2020-02-14 Added
What's Eating America 2020-02-14 Added
Love Is Blind 2020-02-14 Added
Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King 2020-02-14 Added
Justin Bieber: Seasons 2020-02-14 Added
Taronga: Who's Who In The Zoo 2020-02-14 Added
flesh and blood 2020-02-13 Rejected: Already available here: Flesh and Blood (2020)
honour 2020-02-13 Rejected: Already available here: Honour
DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders 2020-02-13 Added
True Terror with Robert Englund 2020-02-13 Added
Kevin McCloud's Rough Guide to the Future 2020-02-13 Added
BenFogle Make a New Life in the Country 2020-02-13 Added
Luke Nguyen's Railway Vietnam 2020-02-13 Added
Bullets 2020-02-12 Added
Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful 2020-02-12 Added
A Year In Music 2020-02-11 Added
Rick Stein's Secret France 2020-02-11 Added
Unasked Family 2020-02-11 Added
Wanna Taste? 2020-02-11 Added
The Alaska Triangle 2020-02-11 Added
Who Killed Malcolm X? 2020-02-11 Added
Vegas Chef Prizefight 2020-02-11 Added
Bad Love (2019) 2020-02-11 Added
Flipped 2020-02-11 Added
Flesh and Blood (2020 - ITV) 2020-02-10 Rejected: added
Shipwreck Secrets 2020-02-10 Added
The End (2020) 2020-02-10 Added
Tenacity 2020-02-09 Added
Honour 2020-02-09 Added
Flesh and Blood (2020) 2020-02-09 Added
Your Attention Please 2020-02-09 Added
Demon Spirit Seed Manual 2020-02-08 Added
Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo 2020-02-08 Added
The Strangerers 2020-02-08 Added
Killer Seven 2020-02-08 Added
The Vast of Night 2020-02-08 Rejected: Please search for this in the Movies section.
Relics and Rarities 2020-02-07 Added
Griff's Great Australian Rail Trip 2020-02-07 Added
Neboa 2020-02-06 Added
First Ladies 2020-02-06 Added
Itaewon Class 2020-02-06 Added
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation 2020-02-05 Added
The Pharmacist 2020-02-05 Rejected: Already available here: The Pharmacist
SERIOUSLY AMAZING OBJECTS 2020-02-04 Rejected: 404 error at tvmaze / wrong link?
Yellowjackets 2020-02-04 Added
The Stranger (Quibi) 2020-02-04 Added
If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die 2020-02-04 Added
Meet the Sloths 2020-02-10 Added
The Witnesses (2020) 2020-02-10 Added
Obsolete 2020-02-10 Added
71 Grader Nord Norges Toeffeste Kjendis 2020-02-10 Added
The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty 2020-02-10 Added
When The Dust Settles 2020-02-09 Added
Forensic Files II 2020-02-10 Added
Ultimate Survival WWII 2020-02-09 Added
Cherish the Day 2020-02-09 Added
45 rpm 2020-02-09 Added
20 Minutes 2020-02-09 Added
The Crystal Maze (2020) 2020-02-09 Added
The Substitute (2019) 2020-02-09 Added
IKEA Heights 2020-02-09 Added
Long Way Up 2020-02-09 Added
22. Juli 2020-02-09 Added
Dale Jr. Download 2020-02-09 Added
Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden 2020-02-09 Added
Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild 2020-02-08 Added
Expedition X 2020-02-08 Added
Heartbreak Island 2020-02-08 Added
Employable Me (2016) 2020-02-08 Added
Cagaster of an Insect Cage 2020-02-07 Added
Tsunami 2020-02-07 Added
Secrets of the Museum 2020-02-07 Added
Reckoning 2020-02-06 Added
The Pharmacist 2020-02-06 Added
Vegas High 2020-02-05 Added
Ways & Means 2020-02-05 Added
Universal Credit: Inside the Welfare State 2020-02-05 Added
Twisted Love 2020-02-04 Added
Behind The B 2020-02-04 Added
Thin ice 2020-02-04 Added
Kalifat 2020-02-04 Added
Late Night Berlin 2020-02-04 Added
999: Killer on the Line? 2020-02-04 Added
Fenix 2020-02-04 Added
The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart 2020-02-03 Added
Alone: The Beast 2020-02-03 Added
Stranger Among Us 2020-02-03 Added
House Doctor 2020-02-03 Added
Grand Star 2020-02-03 Added
Selling London 2020-02-02 Added
Nagasarete Airantou 2020-02-02 Added
Glad You Asked 2020-02-02 Added
A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives 2020-02-02 Added
Gentefied 2020-02-01 Added
Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega 2020-02-01 Added
Love, Beth 2020-02-01 Added
Uchi tama!? Have you seen my tama? 2020-01-31 Rejected: added
Last of Magikyan 2020-01-31 Added
Papiny Dochki 2020-01-31 Added
Plastic Surgery Undressed 2020-01-30 Added
UNHhhh 2020-01-30 Added
Overflow 2020-01-29 Added

Pending Requests:
Show Name Date Requested Status
the most dangerous animal of all 2020-02-26 Pending
Judge Jerry 2020-02-25 Pending
Charlemagne 2020-02-24 Pending
doctor dolittle 2020-02-23 Pending
Sabrina's Secret Life 2020-02-20 Pending
Sabrina: The Animated Series 2020-02-20 Pending
The Archie and Sabrina Surprise Package 2020-02-20 Pending
mutant turtles: superman legend 2020-02-20 Pending
nina turtles the next mutation 2020-02-20 Pending